Email Discussion List

SARA maintains an open email discussion list, hosted by Google Groups. SARA membership (although encouraged) is not required to participate in this group, but one must register to post messages. In order to help minimize spam, registrations must be approved by a list moderator.

To Sign Up:

Go to and click "sign in" at the upper right hand corner of the screen to register your email address.

To Read Messages on the Web:

Go to You need not sign in to view messages.

To Post Messages:

Log in at with the user name and password you selected when you registered. Or, using any email client, send your messages from the same email address as the one you registered, addressing messages to: sara-list_at_ googlegroups_dot_com.

To Unsubscribe:

Send an email to sara-list-unsubscribe_at_googlegroups_dot_com, from the same email address as the one you registered.

Please keep your posts to the list brief, to the point, and on the topic of amateur radio astronomy. Please remember that SARA is a nonprofit organization; commercial use of this discussion list is discouraged. Please be respectful of your fellow list users and, if you find the list of value, please do consider joining SARA.