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Section Article Title Author(s) Page Journal Date
Electronics/Instrumentation nanoVNA Calibration Standards 32 MAY-JUNE 2021
Analytic Getting the Best from the Pulsar Folding Algorithm 43  MAY-JUNE 2021
Observations Observation of HF Sudden Frequency Deviation on 22 May 2021  53 MAY-JUNE 2021
Electronics/Instrumentation Sky raster fly map with satellite rotors, DiSEqC-controller and CALLISTO 54 MAY-JUNE 2021
Observations Observation of VHF Type II Solar Radio Burst on 28 May 2021 59  MAY-JUNE 2021
Electronics/Instrumentation Poor man's amateur radio astronomy with small dishes 61 MAY-JUNE 2021
Observations Comparative Observations of the 12 May 2021 Geomagnetic Event 92 MAY-JUNE 2021
Observations  HI Observation with RTL-SDR & IF Average 96 MAY-JUNE 2021
Electronics/Instrumentation New Specialty Amplifier with Small Parabolic Antenna Advances Hydrogen Line Observing   26  MARCH-APRIL 2021
Observations “Scope in a Box” First Experience and Some Enhancements   30  MARCH-APRIL 2021
Observations Sample of HF Radio Reflections from Aurora Observed at Anchorage, Alaska USA    40  MARCH-APRIL 2021
Analytic Getting the Best out of PRESTO(1) - Part 2 The PRESTO Period/P-Dot Search Graphic   44  MARCH-APRIL 2021
Observations Mapping Extent of Neutral Hydrogen Clouds near Sagittarius A* at 1420 MHz    54  MARCH-APRIL 2021
Electronics/Instrumentation RF Choke for VLF and LF Applications  64  MARCH-APRIL 2021
Analytic Superlatives in Science Journalism and other Science Junk compiled for April 1, 2021   73 MARCH-APRIL 2021
Electronics/Instrumentation  Impedance Matching Issue with the CALLISTO Solar Radio Spectrometer 36 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2021
Analytic  Getting the Best out of the PRESTO Pulsar Search & Analysis Tools  40  JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2021
Observations Sample of HF Meteor Trail Reflections Observed at Anchorage, Alaska USA 49 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2021
Electronics/Instrumentation Using a MAX 2870/71 Signal Source Generator as a Pulsar Simulator 51  JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2021
Electronics/Instrumentation Reference Frequency Distribution System 55  JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2021
Electronics/Instrumentation Proposing Arecibo2 36 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Using the SDRPlay SDR Receivers with an External Frequency Reference  42  NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation The UKRAA Magnetometer 53 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020
Observations Lunar Occultation of the Crab Nebula (TAU A) 62 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Product Review of the RF Consultant TPI-1001-B Signal Generator 72  NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Testing the SAWBird™ Preamp Input Return Loss with the TPI Signal Generator  77  NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation 5.8 GHz 30 dBi Grid Antenna Modification to 1.42 GHz 80 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020
Observations Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse Observation on 10 December 2020  96  NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Solid-State Update for the HP 10509A Loop Antenna  35 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2020
Analytic Deriving Science from the DSES Pulsar Detections  50 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2020
Observations Pulsar observation with a 3-m dish 60 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation A Proof of Concept 430 MHz 2-YAGI Interferometer 70 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2020
Observations Measurement of Cassiopeia A Scintillation 81 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Dishes and LNBs for the IBT  87  SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation How to Build A Functioning Radio Telescope For About $300.00  91  SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Is it a Pulsar? The Case of the Oil Drum Antenna  98 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation WB-SG1 Wideband RF Signal Generator 36 JULY-AUGUST 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Investigation on Antenna Feed for 21cm Neutral Hydrogen Observations  44 JULY-AUGUST 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Obtaining Bandpass Filters from China 49 JULY-AUGUST 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation A Transportable Radio Telescope for School Projects 52 JULY-AUGUST 2020
Observations First Deep Space Exploration Society (DSES) Pulsar Captured on the 60-ft Dish 38 MAY-JUNE 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation FA-VA5 Vector Antenna Analyzer and RF Explorer WSUB1G+ Spectrum Analyzer  49  MAY-JUNE 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Hydrogen Line (H1) Antenna Made from Coffee Cans and a Wood Duck Box Pole Snake Guard 28 MARCH-APRIL 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Cascaded Filter for the LWA Antenna  45 MARCH-APRIL 2020
Observations The 3-Meter Dish at the "Astropeiler Stockert" Part 2: Characterisation and Observations 57 MARCH-APRIL 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation On the Tolerance of Resistors in Parallel 78 MARCH-APRIL 2020
Analytic MG0414+0534 Gravitational Lensing and HI Absorption Line Analysis using the Very Large Array Archive data 79 MARCH-APRIL 2020
Analytic A Learning Algorithm for Nulling RFI in Pulsar Data  85 MARCH-APRIL 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation Basic Filters and Applications 42 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation CALLISTO station at ERAU Prescott Observatory Operational 52 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2020
Electronics/Instrumentation The 3-Meter Dish at the "Astropeiler Stockert" Part 1: The Setup  55  JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2020
Analytic Alpha Centauri A, B & C Imaging using the ALMA Archive 71 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2020
Analytic Acquiring Radio Sky Data to Train Machine Learning-Based Detection Algorithms for Research in Cosmology 29 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation BNC Adapters ~ The Weight of the Evidence 40 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation Solar Radio Spectrometer Commissioning in Algeria 47 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Analytic A 21 cm Map of the Northern Sky 51 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Analytic Galactic Background Radiation Data Smoothing 59 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Observations Observations from the Radio JOVE Installation at HAARP ~ Gakona, Alaska 59 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Observations Profiling the Milky Way Structure by Plotting 69 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Analytic Neutral Hydrogen onto a Velocity-Galactic Longitude Map 69 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation DiSEqC Low Cost Antenna Tracker 80 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation A Simple Radiometer For Use In Ku-Band And C-Band Radio Telescopes  24 JULY-AUGUST 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation Uninterruptible Power System – Operation & Maintenance 43 JULY-AUGUST 2019
Analytic A Correlation Method for Low SNR Pulsar Search and Recognition  59 JULY-AUGUST 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation IBT Mechanical Construction 77 JULY-AUGUST 2019
Observations Solar Radio Noise Storms Observed at Cohoe Radio Observatory in September 2017 38 MAY-JUNE 2019
Observations Hydrogen line observations, Part 4: Observation Results with Different Antennas 47  MAY-JUNE 2019
Analytic A Practical Guide for Selecting and Utilizing Pulsars for Galactic Navigation 78  MAY-JUNE 2019
Observations BAA Radio Astronomy Group 2019 March VLF Summary Report 97 MAY-JUNE 2019
Observations Spectrum Techniques for Improving Low SNR Pulsar Detection 21 MARCH-APRIL 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation Installing the LWA Antenna at Cohoe Radio Observatory  33 MARCH-APRIL 2019
Analytic Galactic Navigation using the Pioneer Spacecraft Pulsar Map 49 MARCH-APRIL 2019
Observations Hydrogen line observations: From frugal to advanced Part 3: Receivers and Software backends 60 MARCH-APRIL 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation First Experiences With An SDR Radio System  29 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2019
Observations IBT Readings of a Lunar Eclipse  55 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2019
Observations BAA Radio Astronomy Group 2018 November and December VLF Summary Reports 58 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2019
Electronics/Instrumentation Review: FA-VA5 Vector Antenna Analyser 65 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2019
Observations Earth’s Orbital Position in the Solar System using Galactic HI Measurements 74 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2019
Observations Hydrogen line observations: From frugal to advanced  88 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2019
Observations Astronomical Society of Victoria – Radio Astronomy Section Update 117 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2019
Analytic An Analytical Method of Recognizing Pulsars at Moderate SNR  17 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Observations Extremely Severe Geomagnetic Storms 27 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Observations 17 November 2018, Magnetically Speaking an Exceptionally Quiet Day 31 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation Bias-Tee Application Note 34 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Galactic/Cosmology Hydrogen line observations: From frugal to advanced 39 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Galactic/Cosmology Milky Way Rotation Rate and Mass Estimation 77 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation VLF-LF Loop Antenna Installation at Cohoe Radio Observatory 84 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Solar System Solar Very Low Frequency Summary for September and October, 2018   97 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation 3D Printing Your Own Antennas ~ It Works, and You Can Do It!  108 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2018
Observations Observe the Moon  38 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018
Observations  Initial Results from VLF and LF Observations at Cohoe Radio Observatory 40  SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018
Observations SpectraCyber Neutral Hydrogen Measurements 58 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018
Observations Dark HI Cloud Observation 64 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018
Observations Observations of the 26 August 2018 Geomagnetic Storm  77  SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018
Observations Solar Very Low Frequency Summary for July, 2018 85 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation Evaluating Parabolic Antennas  39 MARCH-APRIL 2018
Solar System What Is the Ionosphere?  54 MARCH-APRIL 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation Hydrogen Line Test with Three LNAs and Several Coaxial Cable Types  56 MARCH-APRIL 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation AirSpy Server on the Raspberry Pi 3  63 MARCH-APRIL 2018
Solar System Measuring the Movement of Water on Earth 83 MARCH-APRIL 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation Phase Noise and Effects on Radio Astronomy Receivers 28 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation A Minimal Pulsar1 Detection System 35 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report 60 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Galactic/Cosmology Snowy Worlds Beyond Earth 62 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Solar System Results of last exercise about flux density, power flux density, power and energy 66 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Galactic/Cosmology SARA Representation at 2018 AAS Meeting 68 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation How Low (in Frequency) Can You Go? 74 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation Packaging a Bias-Tee Module 77 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Solar System Sixty Years of Observing Our Earth 87 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2018
Electronics/Instrumentation Unintentional Destruction of Low Noise Amplifiers 17 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Solar System Observations of Geomagnetic Storm Conditions  20 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation The "Astropeiler Stockert Story" 22 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Galactic/Cosmology Measurement of Cassiopeia A Scintillation  47 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Getting Ready for SETI  54 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Data Science: Radio Astronomy on a Personal Computer 65  NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Exercise about flux density, power flux density, power and energy  66 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Solar System Studying Storms from the Sky 67  NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation HAARP Diagnostic Instruments ~ Photographic Tour 2017 69 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Solar System The Quiet Day Curve 84  NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Observatory 10 MHz Reference Distribution Amplifier 45 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017
Solar System M and X Flare Solar Flare Observations  56 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation The "Astropeiler Stockert Story"  60 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017
Solar System Inverted U-Burst Observed on 21 August 2017 79 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017
Solar System Cassini Says Goodbye 85 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017
Solar System Spooky in Space: NASA Images for Halloween 87 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation New Amateur Radio Astronomy Frontier using Small Satellites 17 JULY-AUGUST 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation The "Astropeiler Stockert Story"  27 JULY-AUGUST 2017
Solar System NOAA's Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) to monitor Earth  46 JULY-AUGUST 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Building Version 2 of an S-Parameter Test Set for the VNWA-3E 48 JULY-AUGUST 2017
Solar System The Shape of the Solar System  59 JULY-AUGUST 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update 61 JULY-AUGUST 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Low Noise Amplifier Questions and Answers 62 JULY-AUGUST 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation The "Astropeiler Stockert Story" 26 MAY-JUNE 2017
Galactic/Cosmology What It’s Like on a TRAPPIST-1 Planet 41 MAY-JUNE 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Filter Measurements with a Vector Network Analyzer  43 MAY-JUNE 2017
Solar System The Fizzy Seas of Titan 58 MAY-JUNE 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation My Brother Karl Jansky 32 MARCH-APRIL 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Homebuilt 4 and 12 GHz Microwave Radiometers 39 MARCH-APRIL 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Callisto-Lx: Callisto on Raspberry Pi 79 MARCH-APRIL 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation The "Astropeiler Stockert Story"  88 MARCH-APRIL 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report  108 MARCH-APRIL 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report 21 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation The Astropeiler Stockert Story 25 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017
Solar System Planning for the 2017 Solar Eclipse at VHF and UHF 38 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation NASA Eyes Visualization Tool and the 2017 Solar Eclipse 61 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017
Solar System Comet Campaign: Amateurs Wanted 69 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Interferometer Using TV Tuners 71 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017
Electronics/Instrumentation Big Science in Small Packages 80 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017
Solar System Planning for the 2017 Solar Eclipse at VLF and LF  14 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016
Solar System Radio Jove Participation in the Great American Eclipse  21 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation The Astropeiler Stockert Story 24 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Viewing Callisto Spectrograms 32 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Observation of Quasars with an Amateur Radio Interferometer 33 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Dimming stars, erupting plasma, and beautiful nebulae 50 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report 53 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation High Frequency (13.385 MHz) Amateur Radio Astronomy  23 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Callisto as a Worldwide RFI-Monitor 39 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation The "Astropeiler Stockert Story" 43 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Update ~ LWA TV on the Raspberry Pi  50 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Poly-phase filter banks in amateur radio astronomy 57 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report 64  SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation The SARA/Radio Jove Conference  69 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Quad RTL SDR Receiver 73 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Is Proxima Centauri's 'Earth-like' planet 88  SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation HAARP Antenna Array ~ Photographic Tour 90  SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Galactic/Cosmology  One Incredible Galaxy Cluster Yields Two Types of Gravitational Lenses 105 SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation An Implementation of a Low-Cost Phase-Switched Interferometer 29 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Using a Scanner Receiver in a 408MHz Phase Switched Interferometer 36 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Siting of SAM-III Magnetometer Sensors ~ Case Study 43 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation A Comb Generator / Signal Source for the Water Hole 56 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Solar System 50 Years of Jupiter Radio Observations 63 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Solar System Is there a super-Earth in the Solar System  65 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Leap Second to be Added at End of 2016! 67 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report 69 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Solar System Venus and Jupiter prepare for their close-up 74 JULY-AUGUST 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Technical Memorandum 30 MAY-JUNE 2016
Galactic/Cosmology JHelioviewer Update Includes Callisto Data 42 MAY-JUNE 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation NOAA's Joint Polar Satellite System  47 MAY-JUNE 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report  49 MAY-JUNE 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Burial Depth of SAM-III Magnetometer Sensors  52 MAY-JUNE 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Hubble's bubble lights up the interstellar rubble 64 MAY-JUNE 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation First Callisto solar burst spectrometer station in Greenland 34 MARCH-APRIL 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Homemade notch filter to suppress strong FM or DAB-T/DVB-T signals 40 MARCH-APRIL 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report 46 MARCH-APRIL 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Breakthrough Initiatives: Radio Astronomy Implications 51 MARCH-APRIL 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Gravitational Wave Astronomy Will Be the Next Great Scientific Frontier 55 MARCH-APRIL 2016
Solar System Solar Flare Durations 57 MARCH-APRIL 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Hubble Shatters the Cosmic Record for Most Distant Galaxy 62 MARCH-APRIL 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Report on the Science at Low Frequencies II Conference  25 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Solar System An X-ray Event Observation on 25.8 MHz with an 820T SDR Dongle 30 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR visits Chiefland, FL 32 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report  47 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Solar System Ionospheric flare detection using Raspberry Pi  59 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Time Keeping with the Network Time Protocol 64 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to Retain Leap Second 76 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Galactic/Cosmology The Loneliest Galaxy in the Universe 78 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Galactic/Cosmology Dark Mass Detours: Two Questions 80 JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016
Electronics/Instrumentation Inexpensive 1.420 GHz Filter D. Eckhardt  11 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation The SMA RF Connector and Associated Tools  W. Reeve  22 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015
Solar System Solaar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections Impact on Astrophysical Plasma J.Mannone 29 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015
Solar System Detecting Meteors in the 21st Century  S. Nelson 38 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015
Solar System History of Wireless R. Formato  55 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015
Solar System Our Solar System is Almost Normal, But Not Quite The Space Place 83 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015
Solar System Radio Astronomy with Cavity Waves in Astrophysical and Ionosheric Plasmas J. Mannone 85 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015
Solar System Detection of Cosmic Rays Coming into Our Atmosphere With the Help of Some Statistics R. Howe 88 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation 1.4 GHz radio telescope Part 2: Helical antenna and galactic rotation curve. K. Kornett 19 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation 1.4 GHz radio telescope Part 3: Galactic rotation curve - theoretical vs internet simulated data. K. Kornstett 40 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Galactic/Cosmology Amateur Pulsar Detection Using the RTL SDR. East & Gancio 51 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Report. D. Fields 62 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation Funniest Schematic Ever 66 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Solar System Why Mars? W. McCain  67 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation Packaging a Low Noise RF Amplifier Module. W. Reeve 72 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Solar System 33 Years of Continuous Solar Radio Flux Observations. C. Monstein 80 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation Of Preamp, Noise Floor, and Dynamic Range. D. Eckhardt 86 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation A Roving Portable Telescope 91 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Galactic/Cosmology Observation Report W. McCain et. Al 92 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2015
Electronics/Instrumentation Use an Arduino Microcontroller. Tom Hagen 32 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation First Light from New LWA at Bleien Observatory, Switzerland. Christian Monstein 39 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Biggest Radio‐Telescope in Northern Europe, the RT‐32 in Latvia. Christian Monstein 44 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Analytic Introduction to Radio Wave Polarization. Whitham D. Reeve 50 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Antenna Application for the Quadrature Coupler. Whitham D. Reeve 59 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Galactic/Cosmology Can We See the Milky Way with LWA Antenna and Callisto spectrometer? Christian Monstein 72 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation The Biggest Offset Dish in the World. Charles Osborne 76 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation The Lizard Wireless Station of Guglielmo Marconi. Christian Monstein 85 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation FeedHorn vs. Helix Feed. Darell Emerson 88 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Detection of Narrow Spectral Features using RASDR2 and P. Oxley, D. Fields, B. Vacaliuc, 90 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation the NRAO 20m Telescope. C. Lyster and F. Ghigo JULY – AUGUST 2014
Solar System The Hottest Planet in the Solar System. Dr. Ethan Siegel 94 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Galactic/Cosmology Book Review: “The Very First Light”. Dave James 96 JULY – AUGUST 2014
Analytic FFT Concepts without Calculus. Bruce Randall 38 MAY – JUNE 2014
Stellar Radio and Optical Observations of Novae. Dave Hinzel 43 MAY – JUNE 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation CRIMP vs. SOLDER: PROS & CONS ~ Connections More Vital Than Ever. RFI 53 MAY – JUNE 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Cohoe Radio Observatory, Alaska ~ Part 4, Callisto Antenna System Whitham D. Reeve 59 MAY – JUNE 2014
Galactic/Cosmology First light from student Pascal Keller, Eschenbach/Switzerland:6‐8 June 2014. Christian Monstein 75 MAY – JUNE 2014
Solar System ISWI’s SID Space Weather Monitor. Deborah Scherrer 80 MAY – JUNE 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Square Law Diode Detectors in 50 ohm System. Glen Leinweber 85 MAY – JUNE 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Methods of Determining the Antenna Focal Point. Jeff Lichtman 88 MAY – JUNE 2014
Analytic DMM Data Logging ‐ NRARAO. Steve Olney 90 MAY – JUNE 2014
Solar System The Power of the Sun's Engines. Dr. Ethan Siegel 93 MAY – JUNE 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update. Paul Oxley, David Fields, 95 MAY – JUNE 2014
Solar System Book Review: “Radio Astronomy at Long Wavelengths”. Whitham Reeve 100 MAY – JUNE 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Astronomy Receivers. Bruce Randall 30 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Noise || Noise: Y factor versus Signal to Noise Ratio. C. Monstein and W.D. Reeve 37 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Solar System Radio, Magnetic and (Possible) X Ray Observations of the X1 Solar Flare on 29 March 2014. Whitham D. Reeve 41 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Solar System Detection of Jovian VLF Noise. John Avellone 48 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation FM Notch Filter in Front & Behind the Low Noise Amplifier of a Callisto Christian Monstein 58 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Spectrometer in Gauribidanur, India. MARCH – APRIL 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation An Antenna with an Historical Past. Jeffrey M. Lichtman 61 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Outreach Report from an Expert Meeting at United Nations Office for Outer Space.  Affairs (UNOOSA) Christian Monstein 64 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Analytic Transmission Line Details ~ Software Calculator Review. Whitham D. Reeve 68 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Improving Long Time Stability of a Radio Astronomy Receiver. Christian Monstein 75 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Old Tool, New Use: GPS and the Terrestrial Reference Frame. Alex H. Kasprak 78 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Galactic/Cosmology Strong RFI Observed in Protected 21 cm Band at Zurich Observatory, Switzerland. Christian Monstein 80 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update. Paul Oxley, et al 83 MARCH – APRIL 2014
Solar System Radio Jove Grant Report. Fábio Prá, Brazil 17 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Galactic/Cosmology A Journey Into Low Frequencies. Russell Kohrs 20 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Cohoe Radio Observatory, Alaska ~ Part 3, Guyed Tower Installation. Whitham D. Reeve 26 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Solar System Installing and Using the LWA Antenna for Meteor Detection. Stan Nelson 37 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Modeling the Long Wavelength Array Crossed‐Dipole Antenna. Whitham D. Reeve 44 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Analytic Statistical Methods for 20 MHz Continuum Measurements using John G. Younger 56 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Solar System The Radio Jove RJ 1.2 Dipole Array. JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Comparison of Common RF Connectors. Whitham D. Reeve 67 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Galactic/Cosmology Powerful Jets Blowing Material Out of Galaxy. NRAO 68 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Galactic/Cosmology Surprising Young Stars in the Oldest Places in the Universe. Dr. Ethan Siegel 70 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update. David Fields, etal. 72 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Outreach Book Review: “A Single Sky: How an International Community Forged the Science of Radio Astronomy”.Whit Reeve 74 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2014
Electronics/Instrumentation Cohoe Radio Observatory, Alaska ~ Part 2, Guyed Tower Foundation Construction.Whitham D. Reeve 17 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Solar System Beta‐Gamma‐Delta (21 Oct 2013 ‐ 27 Oct 2013). Jan Janssens 24 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation A new Callisto solar radio burst station has been set into operation In Germany. Christian Monstein 29 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Analytic Applying and Measuring Ferrite Beads, Part III ~ Measurements. Kurt Poulsen, Tom Hagen and Whitham D. Reeve 35 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Solar System The Most Volcanically Active Place is Out‐of‐thisW‐ orld! Dr. Ethan Siegel 46 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Solar System SID Monitoring with a RF‐Space’s SDR‐IQ & SARA’s SuperSID Stan Nelson 48 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Laser interferometer compared to a radio interferometer. Kenneth Kornstett 54 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Solar System The Sun – Our Closest Star. Jon Wallace 61 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Galactic/Cosmology Quantum Tunneling: a Quick Discussion. Jon Wallace 67 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update. David Fields, etal. 69 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Outreach Book Review: “Radio Science for the Radio Amateur”. Whit Reeve 72 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Book Review: “Understanding Your Antenna Analyzer, A Radio Whit Reeve 74 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Amateur’s Guide to Measuring Antenna Systems”. NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2013
Solar System Solar Radio Spectrometer CALLISTO in Hurbanovo – first results. Ivan Dorotovic 20 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation May 13, 2013 ‐ the big crash & HUGE Results. Hugh Pett 23 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Analytic Building an S‐Parameter Test Set for the VNWA‐3E Vector Network Analyzer.Whitham D. Reeve 28 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Galactic/Cosmology Size Does Matter, But So Does Dark Energy. Dr. Ethan Siegel 43 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Analytic Radio Frequency Interference Survey at Cohoe Radio Observatory, Alaska. Whitham D. Reeve 45 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Analytic Spectral Hydrogen, Continuum and Methanol Data Results, On Various Aperture Antennas. Jeff Lichtman 52 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Analytic New Numerical Tool SIDLab to Monitor Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances. Ahmed Ammar and Hassen Ghalila 57 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Analytic Applying and Measuring Ferrite Beads, Part II ~ Test Fixtures. Tom Hagen, Kurt Poulsen and Whitham D. Reeve 63 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation 408MHz Interferometer at 2013 SARA Conference. Bruce Randall 70 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Analytic Whatta Ya Going To Do Now? Jeff Lichtman 74 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update. David Fields, etal. 75 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Solar System Book Review: “From the Sun: Auroras, Magnetic Storms, Solar Flares and Cosmic Rays ”. Whit Reeve 80 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Preamplifiers for Callisto Solar Radio Spectrometer. Whitham D. Reeve and Christian Montsein 17 JULY - AUGUST 2013
  High‐energySpy. Dr. Martin C. Weisskopf 36 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Low Cost Hydrogen Line Radio Telescope for £160 using the RTL SDR. Peter East 38 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation The Horn Antenna in Radio Astronomy. Jeff Lichtman 47 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Analytic High Noise Levels — Possible Solutions. Richard Flagg 52 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Solar System SID Monitoring in Slovakia. Ivan Dorotovic 53 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Analytic Spectrum Ecology & Conservation. Charles Osborne 58 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Analytic Applying and Measuring Ferrite Beads. Whitham D. Reeve and Tom Hagen 61 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Solar System Book Review: “Radio Nature”. Whit Reeve 71 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Galactic/Cosmology Book Review: “Cosmic Noise” - Sullivan. Dave James 75 JULY - AUGUST 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update. Paul Oxley, et al. 31 MAY - JUNE 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Lightning Destroys Low Noise Amplifier in a New Callisto Observatory. Christian Monstein 33 MAY - JUNE 2013
Solar System Detection Of A Strong RFI T ‐ hreat In The BINGO Frequency Range. Christian Monstein 35 MAY - JUNE 2013
Analytic Self Produced Radio Interference Due To Badly Designed DC Power Supply. Christian Monstein 38 MAY - JUNE 2013
Outreach The Beginners’ Corner. Jon Wallace 41 MAY - JUNE 2013
Analytic Math Corner‐ Equations Describing Blackbody Radiation. Jon Wallace 47 MAY - JUNE 2013
Solar System Geomagnetic Sudden Impulses. Whitham D. Reeve 50 MAY - JUNE 2013
Outreach Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies (CRAF). Christian Monstein 65 MAY - JUNE 2013
Outreach Space Research in Africa. C. Amory‐Mazaudier & R. Fleury 66 MAY - JUNE 2013
Outreach Book Review: “An Introduction to Amateur Radio Astronomy”. Whitham D. Reeve 75 MAY - JUNE 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update. Paul Oxley, et al. 24 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Solar System e‐Callisto Solar Burst Monitoring Network ~100% Coverage Accomplished. Christian Monstein 27 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Solar System e‐Callisto Solar Burst Monitoring at Roswell, New Mexico. Stan Nelson 29 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Outreach Four Great Demonstration Devices for Radio Astronomy Presentations. Jon Wallace 32 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Analytic Quiet Sun 20 MHz Antenna Temperature Analysis. Dave Typinski 34 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation VHF Radio Astronomy Using An Optimized Antenna And A Narrow‐band Front End LNA. David Lonard 41 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation USB Port Management. Whitham D. Reeve 48 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Active Crossed‐Dipole Antenna, a Copy of the Long Wavelength Array Antenna. Whitham D. Reeve 55 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Solar System Book Review: “Radio Auroras”. Whitham D. Reeve 57 MARCH - APRIL 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation RASDR Update. Paul Oxley, et al. 23 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2013
Analytic Catalog of Dynamic Electromagnetic Spectra Observed with Callisto and Phoenix‐3 ~ Part 2. Christian Monstein 25 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2013
Analytic Processing Data from a Phase Switched Interferometer. Bruce Randall 42 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Amplifier Speaker Applications and Ideas. Jon Wallace 49 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2013
Galactic/Cosmology The Galactic Background in the Upper HF Band. Dave Typinski 50 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation The Internet as a Radio Astronomy Observatory for Amateur Research. Dave Hinzel 55 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2013
Analytic Plotting Spectrum Analyzer Data Without a Plotter. Whitham D. Reeve 68 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Application Note on Remote Amplifier Powering. Whitham D. Reeve 76 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2013
Electronics/Instrumentation Ten‐Tec 1254 Receiver AGC Modifications. Whitham D. Reeve 37 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Ten‐Tec 1254 Receiver Upgrade. Whitham D. Reeve 49 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation A 408MHz Phase Switched Interferometer. Bruce Randall 56 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2012
Analytic Catalogue of Dynamic Electromagnetic Spectra Observed with Callisto and Phoenix‐3. Christian Monstein 63 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Dish Antenna Basics. Charles Osborne 78 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2012
Analytic Converting Frequencies with Microwave Mixers. Jack Browne 15 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Converting a Shipping Container into an RF Screen Room. Clint Jeffrey 18 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2012
Analytic Aperture Synthesis Imaging Experiments. J. Abshier 26 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2012
Solar System Estimation of CME Shock Wave Speed Out of Type II Solar Bursts. Christian Monstein 38 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Packaging the HOT-1 Noise Source. Whitham D. Reeve 45 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2012
Solar System First Solar Radio Spectrometer Deployed in Scotland, UK. Christian Monstein 51 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Internet Access to a Radio Astronomy Observatory. Whitham D. Reeve 55 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Calculate Hard Drive Storage Requirements for Audio WAV Files. Whitham D. Reeve 68 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2012
Solar System May 2012 Solar Activity – Radio and Geomagnetic Effects. Whitham D. Reeve 38 JULY - AUGUST 2012
Analytic Radio Noise, Interference, and its Removal. Paul Beaumont 49 JULY - AUGUST 2012
Analytic Implementation of Median Smoothing in Radio-SkyPipe II. Dave Typinski 56 JULY - AUGUST 2012
Solar System Time Differences in Charted Solar Observations at High Frequencies. Whitham D. Reeve 61 JULY - AUGUST 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Using a Small Antenna to Detect the Neutral Hydrogen Line. Jan Lustrup 64 JULY - AUGUST 2012
Analytic Is Time Broken (or, Will it be Y2K All Over Again)? Whitham D. Reeve 68 JULY - AUGUST 2012
Outreach Radio Astronomy Outreach in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Christian Monstein 74 JULY - AUGUST 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation The Sardinia Radio Telescope. Christian Monstein 77 JULY - AUGUST 2012
Outreach Long Wavelength Astronomy – A Collaboration Proposal for the Amateur Ray Fobes, Neal Vinson, and MAY - JUNE 2012
Outreach Radio Astronomy Community. Jim Campbell 37 MAY - JUNE 2012
Analytic Maintain Your Time. Whitham D. Reeve 46 MAY - JUNE 2012
Analytic Development of a Flexible Software Defined Radio for Radio Astronomy. David Lonard 56 MAY - JUNE 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Callisto as a Wideband Down-Converter. Whitham D. Reeve 62 MAY - JUNE 2012
Analytic Allan Time. Christian Monstein 68 MAY - JUNE 2012
Outreach Biography: John D Kraus (1910–2004) Modern Pioneer of Radio Astronomy. Bill Seymour 72 MAY - JUNE 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation CALLISTO as a Programmable Single Frequency Down Converter. Christian Monstein 24 MARCH - APRIL 2012
Solar System Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition to the Treatment of SID Monitor Data. Giancarlo Fissore and  FedericoBelliardo 29 MARCH - APRIL 2012
Galactic/Cosmology Mapping of Neutral Hydrogen in the Milky Way. Pascal Steger and Christian Monstein 40 MARCH - APRIL 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Coax Cable Shields. Whitham D. Reeve 42 MARCH - APRIL 2012
Galactic/Cosmology Book Review: “Coming of Age in The Milky Way”. Bill Seymour 49 MARCH - APRIL 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation A Solar Spectrometer for the 38 MHz Band. Paul Hyde 12 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2012
Electronics/Instrumentation Antenna System Bonding and Grounding Requirements in the USA. Whitham Reeve 21 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2012
Outreach Test Your General Knowledge of Radio Astronomy with this Fill-In-The Blanks Quiz. Bill Seymour 32 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2012
Solar System Geminid Meteor Trail Reflections at 28 MHz. Philippe Rodriguez 39 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2012
Analytic Book Review: “The Radio Noise Spectrum”. Whitham Reeve 40 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2012
Solar System Specimen Sprites and Other Transient Luminous Events Captured by Thomas Ashcraft 9 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2011
Analytic Optical and Forward Scatter and Other Radio Methods. OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation Feasibility Study of Radio Telescope Array and Future Astronomy Analysis on the Moon’s Far Side. Harold Trammell 14 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation STARBASE ~ A Software Observatory. Laurence Newell 22 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2011
Solar System Observation of the October 2011 Orionid Meteor Shower by FM Radio. David Cleary 35 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2011
Outreach The Origins of Radio Astronomy ~ Part II. Bill Seymour 41 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2011
Analytic Book Review: “The Radio Sky and How to Observe It” Whitham Reeve 49 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation The Design and Building of a Large Dish Antenna Rotor. Cliff Bates 11 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2011
Analytic Faraday Bands for Fun and Profit. Dave Typinski 15 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation Preliminary Report of a Solar Radiometer for 10.7 cm Flux. John DuBois & Rodney Howe 20 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2011
Outreach Sky Scan Brings Radio Astronomy to the Grade School Classroom. David Cleary 32 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation Quick Review of Some Antenna Modeling Software. Whitham Reeve 37 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2011
Outreach Book Review: “Introduction to Radio Astronomy”. Dave Typinski 38 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation Basic Primer on Setting Up an Amateur Radio Telescope for 1420 MHz. Cliff Bates 10 JUNE - JULY 2011
Outreach The Origins of Radio Astronomy ~ Part I. Bill Seymour 20 JUNE - JULY 2011
Analytic Short Bibliography for Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation. Whitham Reeve 23 JUNE - JULY 2011
Outreach My Life as a Professional Radio Astronomer. Dr. Stan Kurtz 25 JUNE - JULY 2011
Outreach Book Review: “Amateur Radio Astronomy”, 2nd Ed. Whitham Reeve 31 JUNE - JULY 2011
Outreach Radio Astronomy at the Frontiers of Astrophysics, Chautauqua Short Course. Whitham Reeve 33 JUNE - JULY 2011
Analytic Low Frequency and Very Low Frequency Radio Propagation. Alan Melia 22 APRIL - MAY 2011
Solar System Monitoring Solar Flares. John Cook 28 APRIL - MAY 2011
Outreach From the Early Journal. Editor 35 APRIL - MAY 2011
Analytic Radio Astronomy Frequency Allocations. Whitham Reeve 36 APRIL - MAY 2011
Stellar Book Review: “Big Ear Two – Listening for Other-Worlds” (Kraus) Whitham Reeve 37 APRIL - MAY 2011
Outreach James Clerk Maxwell: Definer of Electromagnetism. Bill Seymour KM4YL 30 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Astronomy Receivers. Bruce Randall, WD4JQV 40 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Stellar The Hunt for a Massive Black Hole! Students - MHS Physics Class 49 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Outreach Astronomy Course of ETH Zürich at Diavolezza. Christian Monstein 51 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Analytic Precision Distance Measurements with VLBA. Michele Ferrara & Marcel Clemens 59 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation Horn Antennas. Whitham Reeve 60 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation Brief History of Horns: From Early History to latest Developments. Vicente Rodriguez 61 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Electronics/Instrumentation The Radio Ducksuit Observatory. Martin Wright 66 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Outreach Book Review: “An Introduction to Radio Astronomy” - Burke. Bill Seymour KM4YL 74 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
Analytic Programming for Amateur Radio Astronomy. Jim Sky 20 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2011
Outreach Interview with Jim Sky. Bill Seymour, KM4YL 24 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2011
Solar System Trials and Tribulations of VLF SID Monitoring. Dave Benham 32 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2011
Outreach Radio Astronomy Quick Tutorial No. 6 — Celestial Radio Sources. Whitham Reeve 40 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2011
Outreach Three Book Reviews: Whitham Reeve 53 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2011
Outreach “Astronomy – A Self-Teaching Guide”, 7th Edition DECEMBER - JANUARY 2011
Outreach “A Question and Answer Guide to Astronomy” DECEMBER - JANUARY 2011
Stellar “Starlight – An Introduction to Stellar Physics for Amateurs” DECEMBER - JANUARY 2011
Analytic An Introduction to Astronomical Catalogs. Tom Crowley 20 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Outreach Dr. Lee De Forest: The Father of Radio Broadcasting. Bill Seymour, KM4YL 24 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Electronics/Instrumentation The Leon Mow Dark Sky Radio Observatory. Clint Jeffrey 32 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Outreach Interview with Clint Jeffrey: Director of The Radio Astronomy Section of the Astronomical Society of Victoria (Australia). Bill Seymour, KM4YL 39 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Outreach Radio Astronomy Quick Tutorial No. 4— Wavelength & Frequency. Whitham Reeve 42 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Outreach Radio Astronomy Quick Tutorial No. 5— The Earth’s Atmosphere & Ionosphere. Whitham Reeve 54 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Outreach. Dave Thomas 62 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Outreach Book Review: “The Evolution of Radio Astronomy”. Whitham Reeve 64 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Outreach A Radio Astronomer and Lumia Light Works. Michael Rogers 72 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2010
Outreach SARA, The Early Days. Jeffrey M. Lichtman 15 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2010
Analytic Fast Fourier Transform: Simplified Concepts Without Calculus. Bruce Randall, WD4JQV 21 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2010
Outreach Interview with Rob Davis. Bill Seymour, KM4YL 28 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2010
Outreach Radio Astronomy Quick Tutorial No. 2— Radio astronomy Concepts. Whitham Reeve 31 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2010
Outreach Radio Astronomy Quick Tutorial No. 3— Units of Measure. Whitham Reeve 36 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2010
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Literature Resources. Editor 43 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2010
Galactic/Cosmology Book Review: “The Invisible Universe”. Whitham Reeve 44 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2010
Outreach Summary of the Conference. Julian Jove 22 JUNE - JULY 2010
Solar System Interview with Dr. Jim Thieman. Bill Seymour, KM4YL 29 JUNE - JULY 2010
Outreach Radio Astronomy Quick Tutorial No. 1— Square Law Detection. Whitham Reeve 31 JUNE - JULY 2010
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Solar Power Emission. Dave Typinski 40 JUNE - JULY 2010
Solar System Follow-up to Sweepers Article. Whitham Reeve 49 JUNE - JULY 2010
Outreach Book Review: “Van Nostrand Momentum Book Series”. Whitham Reeve 52 JUNE - JULY 2010
Outreach The Excitement of Radio Astronomy. Linda Morabito 27 APRIL - MAY 2010
Outreach An Introduction to Linda Morabito. Unknown 28 APRIL - MAY 2010
Solar System Io Volcanism and Radio Astronomy. John C. Mannone 29 APRIL - MAY 2010
Electronics/Instrumentation Beginner’s Corner: Superheterodyne Principle. Bill Seymour 32 APRIL - MAY 2010
Solar System Sweepers. Dave Typinski 38 APRIL - MAY 2010
Solar System Building an SDR SID Receiver. Marcus Leech 48 APRIL - MAY 2010
Electronics/Instrumentation Azimuth alignment of a Yaesu G-5500 Rotor. Michael Rudolph 57 APRIL - MAY 2010
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: e-Callisto. Christian Monstein, HB9SCT 66 APRIL - MAY 2010
Electronics/Instrumentation The Beginner’s Corner: How Radio Telescopes Work. NRAO 16 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2010
Outreach The Origins of Radio Astronomy: Part I. Bill Seymour 22 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2010
Analytic Elektor Datalogger Review. Whitham Reeve 25 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2010
Electronics/Instrumentation Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany:Gauribidanur Radio Telescope & Heliograph. K.R.Subramanian 32 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2010
Analytic VLBA and the Proper Motion of M33. NRAO 39 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2010
Solar System SuperSID: A Collaboration. Bill and Melinda Lord 24 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2010
Stellar Pulsars Miscellany. Editor 27 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2010
Stellar GRB’s and HEP’s Connected Events. James Van Prooyen, N8PQK 32 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2010
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: The Very Large Back Paddock Array. Bruce Rout 36 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2010
Electronics/Instrumentation Elevation Control: Inclinometers. John C. Mannone & SignalONE 18 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2009
Galactic/Cosmology Background on Galactic Structure & Dark Matter. John C. Mannone 20 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2009
Galactic/Cosmology Articles on Galactic Structure: Introduction. Bruce Rout 25 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2009
Galactic/Cosmology The Spiral Structure of NGC 3198. Bruce Rout 26 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2009
Solar System Radio Astronomy Miscellany: The Leonids. John C. Mannone 36 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2009
Solar System Geomagnetometry. Whitham Reeve 24 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2009
Electronics/Instrumentation USB-504 Data Logger for Radio Astronomy. Bruce Randall, WD4JQV 36 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2009
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Plasma Bubbles. John C. Mannone 37 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2009
Outreach Book Review: “Amateur Radio Astronomy” by Fielding. Whitham Reeve 41 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2009
Analytic Celestial Coordinates for Radio Astronomers. Jon Wallace 30 JUNE - JULY 2009
Analytic Calibrating a Radio-Sky Spectrograph Telescope:Part 1:Calibrating Frequency. Michael Rudolph 35 JUNE - JULY 2009
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: The Longest Solar Eclipse. John C. Mannone 42 JUNE - JULY 2009
Electronics/Instrumentation A Tunable Local Oscillator for ELF Solar Experiments. Paul Oxley 20 APRIL - MAY 2009
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Solar Flares and Magnetar GRBs. John C. Mannone 31 APRIL - MAY 2009
Stellar Fifty Years of SETI Science and Technology. H. Paul Shuch 16 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2009
Solar System Echoes of Apollo. Patrick Barthelow 23 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2009
Solar System Hazardous Near-Earth Objects. G. Warren Coleman 25 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2009
Analytic Software Defined Radio Weak Signal Applications. Marcus Leech 30 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2009
Analytic What’s New with Radio SkyPipe. Jim Sky 34 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2009
Outreach Book Review: “Radio Astronomy Projects” - Lonc. Bill Seymour, KM4YL 44 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2009
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer. John C. Mannone 46 FEBRUARY - MARCH 2009
Electronics/Instrumentation Interferometry Series, Part 2: The Simple 20 MHz Interferometer. David Brodrick 15 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2009
Electronics/Instrumentation Plumber’s Delight: Microwave Horn Interferometer. David Cleary 20 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2009
Galactic/Cosmology Amateur Detection: Berlin CMB Experiment. Timo Stein 25 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2009
Outreach Editor’s Review Supplement. Editor 36 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2009
Outreach 1978 Nobel Prize in Physics. Editor 39 DECEMBER - JANUARY 2009
Electronics/Instrumentation Interferometry Series, Part 1: OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2008
Electronics/Instrumentation The Spatial Filtering Effect of Radio Interferometers. S. Kurtz & D. Fields 11 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2008
Electronics/Instrumentation 4-GHz C-Band Interferometer Project. Jan Lustrup, LA3EQ 24 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2008
Electronics/Instrumentation Lightning Detector Circuits. Editor 38 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2008
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Eurasian Resources. John C. Mannone 48 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 2008
Solar System Amateur Meteor Scatter: History & Theory. Bob Culbertson, WA3YGQ 11 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2008
Solar System Effect of Solar Eclipse on LF Propagation. Jan Lustrup, LA3EQ 22 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2008
Solar System Global Effect of Solar Eclipse on VLF Propagation. John C. Mannone and Bill & Melinda Lord 36 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2008
Outreach The Road to Green Bank: A Debriefing. Bill Seymour 17 JUNE - JULY 2008
Solar System Get Ready for the Perseids and Meteor Scatter. John C. Mannone 26 JUNE - JULY 2008
Solar System The IBT and Kinematics Experiments. John C. Mannone 29 JUNE - JULY 2008
Stellar 3D-Plot of 40-FT Radio Flux from Taurus A. John C. Mannone 37 JUNE - JULY 2008
Stellar 20 MHz Pulsar Detection Progress Report. Jim Van Prooyen, N8PQK 40 JUNE - JULY 2008
Analytic Radio Astronomers’ Toolbox: Software Development Applied to the SDR-14 on the 40-Footer. Shad Nygren 43 JUNE - JULY 2008
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Astronomers’ Toolbox: Fluxgate Magnetometer. Peter Wright 14 APRIL - MAY 2008
Electronics/Instrumentation Homebrew Radio Telescope: Explore the Basics of Radio Astronomy. Mark Spencer, WA8SME 19 APRIL - MAY 2008
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: 1420 MHz Stacked Yagi Antenna. Shanni and David Prutchi 24 APRIL - MAY 2008
Galactic/Cosmology Mapping the Sky at 408 MHz. Bruce Randall, WD4JQV 19 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Astronomers’ Toolbox: ERAC’s 23 cm LNA. Marko Cebokli, S57UUU 21 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008
Solar System Sun Noise: Microwaves Bind Amateur Radio Operators & Radio Astronomers. Joe Martin, K5SO 23 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008
Analytic History of Science: Heat of Space. Stephen G. Brush 25 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Remotely Accessible 12 GHz. NASA 28 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008
Electronics/Instrumentation The IBT Manual. Jon Wallace and Kerry Smith 30 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008
Outreach Member in Profile: Jim Hardy, Philosopher/Astronomer. Jim Hardy 33 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2008
Stellar Methanol Masers. Editor 9 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2007
Electronics/Instrumentation An Improved Square Law Detector Based on the NE602 IC. Bruce Randall, WD4JQV 10 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2007
Solar System Yagi Antennas for Jupiter Noise Reception. Hal Braschwitz 17 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2007
Solar System Jovian Decametric Emission. Editor insert 18 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2007
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Astronomers’ Toolbox: Printed Circuit Boards. 5 Bears Research 24 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2007
Electronics/Instrumentation A Remotely Accessible Amateur Radio Astronomy Observatory. Chuck Forster 27 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2007
Outreach Member in Profile: Paul Shuch. Editor 34 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2007
Outreach Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Arthur C. Clarke. John C. Mannone 35 OCTOBER – NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2007
Analytic QuickFilter Data Processing Chip and Radio SkyPipe Software. Don Latham 8 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2007
Outreach History and Physics of 21-Centimeter Line. Editor 17 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2007
Outreach Radio & Optical Astronomy in the Classroom. David E. Fields and Michael P. Mueller 21 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2007
Galactic/Cosmology The School of Galactic Radio Astronomy: An Internet Classroom. M. W. Castelaz, J. D. Cline, C. S. Osborne, D. A. Moffett and J. Case 28 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2007
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: Stanford Solar Center. John C. Mannone 29 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2007
Solar System Jupiter & The Jansky Antenna. Editor 19 JUNE - JULY 2007
Outreach NRAO 40-Ft Radio Telescope Experiments. Editor 21 JUNE - JULY 2007
Outreach NRAO 40-Ft Radio Telescope and Experiments. Editor 11 APRIL - MAY 2007
Galactic/Cosmology Sounds of Space. Editor 14 APRIL - MAY 2007
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy Miscellany: The Radio Sun and Hinode Editor 33 APRIL - MAY 2007
Outreach Tamke-Allan Observatory Outreach. Editor 7 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2007
Stellar Feature: 40th Anniversary on Discovery of Pulsars. John C. Mannone 8 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2007
Outreach En Memoriam: John G. Bolton. Editor 35 JANUARY - FEBRUARY - MARCH 2007
Electronics/Instrumentation Antenna Basics. Charles Osborne, K4CSO 7 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2006
Electronics/Instrumentation CubeSat Project. John C. Mannone & Peter Wright 13 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2006
Outreach Member Profile: Gordon Meldrum. Editor 19 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2006
Outreach Amateur Solar Radio Astronomy. Editor 21 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2006
Outreach The SARA 2006 Annual Conference- An Anecdotal Debriefing. John C. Mannone 5 JULY - AUGUST 2006
Outreach Review of the SARA Board of Directors Meeting. Hal Braschwitz 7 JULY - AUGUST 2006
Electronics/Instrumentation New Mini-Circuits Low Noise Amplifier. Charles Osborne 8 JULY - AUGUST 2006
Analytic Preamp Return Loss Measurement. Bruce Randall 5 MAY - JUNE 2006
Analytic Temperature Control Using the Peltier Effect. Joseph Phillips & Charles Osborne 6 MAY - JUNE 2006
Electronics/Instrumentation The WCCRO and UFRO Spectrographs. Jim Sky and Dick Flagg 2 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2006
Solar System Jupiter is Heading South. Dick Flagg 6 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2005
Stellar A Model for Detection of Gamma Ray Bursts and X-ray Rodney Howe 7 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2005
Stellar Transients at VLF Radio Telescopes. NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2005
Analytic Radio Eyes: A Sky Viewer (and more) Program for the Radio Sky. Jim Sky 4 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2005
Analytic Protected Frequencies? Don't Get So Hung Up On Assignments. Charles Osbourne 6 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2005
Electronics/Instrumentation The Receiver and Pre-Amp Interface. Shef Robotham 8 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2005
Analytic The Changing Face of Radio Astronomy Facilitated by High Speed Signal Processing. Charles Osbourne 12 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2005
Electronics/Instrumentation Calibration Signal Injection with Directional Couplers. Bruce Randall 2 JULY - AUGUST 2005
Electronics/Instrumentation A Software Asynchronous Complex Correlator. Paul L. Oxley 4 JULY - AUGUST 2005
Solar System Cavity Waves in Astrophysical and Ionospheric Plasmas. John C. Mannone 5 MAY - JUNE 2005
Electronics/Instrumentation Demonstrating the IBT (Have Radio Telescope, Will Travel!). Dr. Michael Rudolph 7 MAY - JUNE 2005
Galactic/Cosmology Research Proposal of Dark Matter Detection. Rodney Howe 3 MARCH - APRIL 2005
Galactic/Cosmology Charting a Markarian Galaxy at Arecibo. Charles Osbourne 3 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2005
Outreach Society of Amateur Scientists. Dr. Shawn Carlson 4 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2005
Outreach Update on Effort to Rescue five 60-foot Antennas from Demolition at Stanford. Bob Lash 6 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2005
Outreach Exploring the Radio Sky: Sky and Telescope Article. Jeff Lichtman 8 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2005
Outreach A Brief History of Grote Reber. Editor 12 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2005
Stellar Radio Astronomy News - Pulsars. Editor 10 MAY - JUNE 2004
Electronics/Instrumentation Accessories for the Well Dressed Amateur Radio Astronomer. Bob Patterson 10 MARCH - APRIL 2004
Stellar Major Flares Are Predictable on Far-Away Stars, Analysis of Radio Observations Reveals. Mercedes Richards &  Barbara Kennedy 5 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2004
Outreach SARA Member Profile - Art Goddard. Editor 6 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2004
Electronics/Instrumentation The Moxon Rectangle. L. B. Cebik, W4RNL 5 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2003
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Electronics/Instrumentation SkyPipe Calibration. Jim Brown 5 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2003
Electronics/Instrumentation Tech Note – Antennas. Q-Par Angus 7 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2003
Outreach Member Profile - Jim Hardy. Jim Hardy 10 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2003
Electronics/Instrumentation Comments Regarding Broadband through Power Lines. Richard Flagg 4 JULY - AUGUST 2003
Electronics/Instrumentation A Deep Dish Feed for 408MHz. Bruce Randall 5 JULY - AUGUST 2003
Solar System Radio Jove: Monitoring Jupiter. Richard Flagg 8 JULY - AUGUST 2003
Galactic/Cosmology Observations of Milky Way - Part III. Jesús López 6 MAY - JUNE 2003
Galactic/Cosmology Monitoring Muons from Cosmic Radiation. James A. Petrait 8 MAY - JUNE 2003
Galactic/Cosmology Observations of Milky Way- Part II. Jesús López 4 MARCH - APRIL 2003
Outreach In Memory of Grote Reber. Editor 3 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2003
Galactic/Cosmology Observations of Milky Way - Part I. Jesús López 5 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2003
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Electronics/Instrumentation Astronomer - Gyrator II Description. JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2003
Analytic Loss of 406MHz Frequency. Editor 5 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2002
Solar System Introduction to Meteor Detection Systems. Editor 5 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2002
Stellar Call to Study Gamma Ray Bursts. Stephan LeBohec 9 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2002
Outreach The Starting Point: Education for the Beginner and Veteran Radio Jeffrey M. Lichtman 10 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2002
Analytic Astronomer - Methods of Determining the Antenna Focal Point. NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2002
Outreach NRAO History. Sam Heavner 2 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2002
Analytic GRB Detection. Rodney Howe 4 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2002
Outreach The Starting Point - Education for the Beginner and Veteran Radio Robert M. Sickels 11 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2002
Electronics/Instrumentation Astronomer - Antenna Power Points. SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2002
Solar System The Moon's Temperature at λ=2.77cm. Christian Monstein 2 JULY - AUGUST 2002
Analytic Cartes du Ciel: Sky Map Program. Malcolm Mallette 11 JULY - AUGUST 2002
Analytic Calibrated Noise Source Installation. Richard Hall KF8ST 2 MAY - JUNE 2002
Outreach Three Kinds of Amateur Scientists. Robert M. Sickels 6 MAY - JUNE 2002
Outreach The Starting Point - Education for the Beginner and Veteran Radio Robert M. Sickels 11 MAY - JUNE 2002
Outreach Astronomer - Radio Astronomy Q and A. MAY - JUNE 2002
Solar System Listening to Leonids (NASA). Editor 2 MARCH - APRIL 2002
Outreach SARA Member Profile - Karen Jensen. Editor 9 MARCH - APRIL 2002
Outreach The Starting Point - Education for the Beginner and Veteran Radio Robert M. Sickels 11 MARCH - APRIL 2002
Solar System Astronomer - Meteor Detection Circuits and Dates. MARCH - APRIL 2002
Outreach SARA Mission Statement. SARA 2 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2002
Outreach SARA Affiliation Statement. SARA 3 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2002
Solar System A Year of Jove Solar Observations. James Brown 5 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2002
Outreach SARA Member Profile - Hal Braschwitz. Editor 17 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2002
Outreach The Starting Point - Education for the Beginner and Veteran Radio Editor 18 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2002
Analytic Astronomer - Calibrated Noise Source Mounting Information. JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2002
Outreach AREA 31 - A Canadian Radio Observatory 2001. Robert Stephens 2 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2001
Outreach SARA Member Profile - Colin W A. Clements. Editor 10 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2001
Outreach The Starting Point - Education for the Beginner and Veteran Radio Radioware and Radio Bookstore 11 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2001
Electronics/Instrumentation Astronomer - Coaxial Signal Cable and Assembly. OCTOBER - NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2001
Analytic A Method of Obtaining Celestial Coordinates of a Radio Telescope Beam. Hal Braschwitz 4 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2001
Outreach SARA Member Profile - Richard (Dick) Hall. Editor 9 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2001
Outreach The Starting Point - Education for the Beginner and Veteran Radio Editor 10 AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2001
Electronics/Instrumentation Astronomer - The Dipole Antenna. AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2001
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Outreach SARA Member Profile - Jim Van Prooyen. Editor 8 MAY – JUNE - JULY 2001
Analytic Radio SkyPipe. Jim Sky 4 MARCH - APRIL 2001
Solar System Jupiter Update. John Bernard, W4JSS 8 MARCH - APRIL 2001
Stellar Extra Solar Planets. Vincent Caracci 8 MARCH - APRIL 2001
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Electronics/Instrumentation Multiantenna Spectrum Calculator. Joseph A. DiVerdi 5 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2001
Solar System 21.11cm Solar Emissions. Timothy Imholt & Jim Roberts 6 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2001
Solar System Christmas 2000 Solar Eclipse at 3.8GHz. Bill Black, K4BSN 10 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2001
Solar System Jupiter Space Station. John Bernard, W4JSS 16 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2001
Galactic/Cosmology Aperture Synthesis Imaging of the Cygnus Region. Jim Abshier 1 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2000
Solar System Amateur Radio Astronomy in the AAVSO Solar Division. Aaron Price 8 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2000
Galactic/Cosmology A Survey of Sources in the Plane of the Galaxy. Malcolm Mallette 10 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2000
Solar System 2000 Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower. Aaron Price 1 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2000
Outreach Exploits of a Novice Radio Astronomer: Success At Last. Jon Wallace 7 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2000
Outreach RA in the UK. John McKay 9 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2000
Electronics/Instrumentation 1420-MHz Australian Radio Telescope. Hans Michlmayr 1 JULY - AUGUST 2000
Galactic/Cosmology Quasars. John Talbot 5 JULY - AUGUST 2000
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Analytic Radio Telescopes – A Simple Method of Comparing Their Performance Malcolm C. Mallette 1 MARCH - APRIL 2000
Stellar and Determining Their SETI Range. MARCH - APRIL 2000
Stellar Unknown Pulse Detection. Jeff Lichtman 8 MARCH - APRIL 2000
Solar System Earth Rotation Aperture Synthesis. Jim Abshier 1 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2000
Outreach Amateur Experiments at the SARA Conference. Jim Sky 3 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2000
Outreach Amateur Astronomers Invited to Join Quest for Fireworks Accompanying Gamma Ray Bursts. NASA News 1 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1999
Electronics/Instrumentation Instrumentation Temperature Stability. Jeremy D. Nichols 1 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1999
Solar System NASA's Radio JOVE Project. Jim Thieman 3 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1999
Analytic Testing an Amateur Radio Telescope. Mike Valdez 11 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1999
Electronics/Instrumentation RA Observatory Operating System. R. J. Fear 1 JULY - AUGUST 1999
Solar System Statistical properties of Meteors from a Simple, Passive Forward-Scatter System. James Richardson 2 JULY - AUGUST 1999
Electronics/Instrumentation Improvements to the SARA 408-MHz Quagi Antenna. Mike Gyngell 6 JULY - AUGUST 1999
Outreach Radio Astronomy in Sweden. Arpad Cserkuti 1 MAY - JUNE 1999
Electronics/Instrumentation A Half-Wave Hula-Hoop Antenna for GSM Mobile Applications. V Stoiljkovic, et al 6 MAY - JUNE 1999
  Not on CD. MARCH - APRIL 1999
Stellar SETI @Home. Vince Caracci 1 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 1999
Galactic/Cosmology Resolution of Cygnus A and Cygnus X by Aperture Synthesis. Jim Abshier 1 JANUARY – FEBRUARY 1999
Electronics/Instrumentation 12,000-MHz Radio Telescope for $200. Chuck Forster 6 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1998
Electronics/Instrumentation Antenna Modeling Software: EZNEC 2.0. Hal Braschwitz 1 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1998
Electronics/Instrumentation 408-MHz Quagi Receiving Antenna: Model 2. Hal Braschwitz 3 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1998
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Stellar Fast-Spinning Pulsar Provides Evolutionary Link. NASA News 1 MARCH - APRIL 1998
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Electronics/Instrumentation 400-MHz Interferometer. Jim Abshier, W8QOP 3 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1997
Electronics/Instrumentation Meridian Transit Radio Interferometer. Chris R. Brown, W1FVI 11 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1997
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Solar System Perseids Meteor Scatter. Shelby Ennis, W8WN 7 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1997
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Electronics/Instrumentation Constructing the SARA 408-MHz Quagi Antenna. Chuck Forster 9 JULY - AUGUST 1997
Solar System Microwave Radiation from Comet Hale-Bopp. Michael Casini and John McDonald 12 JULY - AUGUST 1997
Solar System Jupiter Noise Storms During 1997 SARA Conference. Jim Sky 1 MAY - JUNE 1997
Solar System Characterization of a Meteor in Fall at 80MHz. Jay McDonald 3 MAY - JUNE 1997
Analytic Digital Signal Processing out of the Noise - Part 1. John D. Bernard, et al 5 MAY - JUNE 1997
Solar System Far-Out Music, or Listening to Jupiter. Michelle Neyland 14 MAY - JUNE 1997
Galactic/Cosmology Galactic Center. Jonas Williamson 1 MARCH - APRIL 1997
Galactic/Cosmology Galactic Center at 74 MHz. Jay McDonald 10 MARCH - APRIL 1997
Analytic WWV Data 1994-1996. Frank Holliday, WB9NOV 14 MARCH - APRIL 1997
Electronics/Instrumentation Small Parabolic Dish Antennas and SETI: Part 2. Malcolm Mallette 1 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1997
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Analytic Noise Is What We Do. Charles Osborne, WD4MBK 1 JULY - AUGUST 1996
Solar System Cometary Origin of Sporadic-E. G. Neil Spokes 10 JULY - AUGUST 1996
Electronics/Instrumentation SETI Receivers. SETI 2 MAY - JUNE 1996
Electronics/Instrumentation Water-Hole Low Noise Amplifiers. SETI 4 MAY - JUNE 1996
Stellar Drake's Equation. SETI 6 MAY - JUNE 1996
Electronics/Instrumentation Parabolic Reflectors for SETI Antennas. SETI 8 MAY - JUNE 1996
Stellar Ohio State University "WOW!" Signal. Robert S. Dixon 2 MAY - JUNE 1996
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Galactic/Cosmology Sun Gobbles the Galactic Center. Bill Walker, NK8Y 8 MARCH - APRIL 1996
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Electronics/Instrumentation Krause Radio Telescope. Bill Walker 5 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1996
Electronics/Instrumentation Outer Space Collector of Astronomical Radiation (OSCAR) Bill Walker 1 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1995
Outreach Starting Out. Mike Valdez 10 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1995
Electronics/Instrumentation A 38-MHz radio telescope Project. Jim Sky 2 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1995
Galactic/Cosmology Hydrogen Clouds Between Galaxies. David Finley 4 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1995
Solar System Geo-Monitor Targets Earthquakes. Vince T Migliore 7 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1995
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Electronics/Instrumentation Astronomical and Geophysical Observatory in Modra. and K. Taubinger MAY - JUNE 1995
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Electronics/Instrumentation Considerations for Design and Construction of a Radio Astronomy Receiver System. Michael Masterman 7 MARCH - APRIL 1995
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Solar System Jupiter Listening. Richard Flagg 12 Dec-94
Electronics/Instrumentation Beyond the Dicke Switch. Charles Osborne. 13 Dec-94
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Electronics/Instrumentation Book Review: "Big Ear 2". Charles Osborne 23 Dec-94
Analytic A Floppy Almanac - Software Review. Mike Valdez 24 Dec-94
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Stellar Searching for Pulses. Mike Valdez 15 OCTOBER - NOVEMBER 1994
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Electronics/Instrumentation Jupiter Reports. Swiss Amateur Telescope 7 Sep-94
Electronics/Instrumentation Computer as a Recording Device. Mike Valdez 10 Sep-94
Electronics/Instrumentation Up and Running at 4GHz. Bob Lash and Mike Fremont 1 JUNE - JULY 1994
Electronics/Instrumentation Evaluating A Simple Radio Telescope. Al Ernst 7 JUNE - JULY 1994
Solar System Preliminary Report on VLF Observations During 1994 Annular Eclipse. Don Shockey 12 JUNE - JULY 1994
Stellar Gamma Ray Mystery Solved? Vince Caracci 14 JUNE - JULY 1994
Stellar The Gamma-Ray Burst Project. Jeff Lichtman 6 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1994
Electronics/Instrumentation Simple Apparatus for Observing Meteors by Radio. Jim Riggs 12 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1994
Outreach High School Biology Class Searches for Life. Bro, James Petrait 14 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1994
Stellar Chemical Gradients in the Orion Molecular Cloud. Charles Osborne 16 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1994
Electronics/Instrumentation Modifications to 70MHz IF Amplifier. Augusto H. Nicolella 19 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1994
Electronics/Instrumentation Take Advantage of Low-Cost, Wide-Band Cascadable Amplifiers. C. P. Hguyen 21 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1994
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Galactic/Cosmology Observations of the Milky Way with an Amateur Radio Telescope. Paul W. Schuler III 9 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1993
Electronics/Instrumentation Synthetic-Aperture Antenna Array. NASA JPL 5 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1993
Analytic Revising the SARA 1991 Data Recording Format. Jim Sky 6 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1993
Analytic Image Processing. Ken Frankel 8 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1993
Outreach An Amateur Observation at the Little Big Horn. Jim Sky 11 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1993
Electronics/Instrumentation Tick Ridge Observatory Update. Steve Preflatish 17 SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1993
Stellar The Gamma-ray Burst Project. Jeffrey M. Lichtman 8 Aug-93
Electronics/Instrumentation Georgia Tech Woodbury Observatory Update. Charles Osborne 14 Aug-93
Analytic Data Correlation. Dennis Baldridge 16 Aug-93
Stellar Separating Extraterrestrial Signals from Terrestrial Interference. Dr. Michael E. Valdez 19 Aug-93
Electronics/Instrumentation Small SETI Radio Telescope: Decennial Report. Robert Gray 21 Aug-93
Analytic Information Sources. SARA 15 JUNE - JULY 1993
Electronics/Instrumentation Telescopes Near Completion at Mt. Graham. Scott Tillman 10 APRIL - MAY 1993
Electronics/Instrumentation A Dual Channel Analog-to-Digital Convertor. Paul W. Schuler III 12 APRIL - MAY 1993
Electronics/Instrumentation The Detection of the Neutral Hydrogen Line with an Amateur Radio Telescope: Part 2 - Observations. Paul W. Schuler III 4 Mar-93
Electronics/Instrumentation Use the IBM PC Game Port as an Easy Analog-to-Digital Converter. Stephen Gibson 10 Mar-93
Electronics/Instrumentation A Computer-Based Signal Monitoring System. Bryan Bergeron, NU1N 13 Mar-93
Electronics/Instrumentation A Radio-Optical telescope. Jordi L. Gutierrez 24 Mar-93
Electronics/Instrumentation The Detection of the Neutral Hydrogen Line with an Amateur Radio Telescope: Part 1 - Instrumentation. Paul W. Schuler III 7 Feb-93
Outreach Radio Astronomy the "Hard Way". Steve Preflatish 13 Feb-93
Electronics/Instrumentation Analog-to-Digital Converter System. Jeff Lichtman 15 Feb-93
Outreach My Goal. Shane Mills 14 Jan-93
Electronics/Instrumentation 18 Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Norad for $95. Charles Osborne, WD4BMK 15 Jan-93
Electronics/Instrumentation Vendor Designs Demo Package, Creates $50 Data-Acquisition Unit. Christopher Wells 17 Jan-93
Analytic Strong Flaring Radio Source 04:22+32: "An Interesting Sky Region". Bob Sickels 1 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1992
Analytic Noise Figure Measurement Below 10MHz. Noise Com 6 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1992
Electronics/Instrumentation Build a 5-24 Volt DC Power Supply. Fred Blechman 8 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1992
Analytic SARA 1991 Data Recording Format. Chuck Forster 7 Oct-92
Analytic Digital Signal Processing: Artificial Intelligence techniques. Bryan Bergeron 11 Oct-92
Analytic Digital Signal Processing: Working in the Frequency Domain. Bryan Bergeron 6 Sep-92
Solar System INSPIRE Report. Don Shockey 18 Sep-92
Electronics/Instrumentation Antenna Element Rod Shear. Don Cook 21 Sep-92
Electronics/Instrumentation Noise Diodes Randomize Quantization Errors in A/D Converters. Noise Com 22 Sep-92
Outreach SCOPE. Robert Gray 6 Aug-92
Electronics/Instrumentation Interdigital Filter Design. Charles Osborne 9 Aug-92
Electronics/Instrumentation HEMT Amplifiers Improve Seeing. Bob Sickels 11 Aug-92
Solar System Missing Page from Solar Article. Peter Taylor 19 Aug-92
Stellar Radio Observations from the Orion Region. Chuck Forster 5 Jul-92
Electronics/Instrumentation The Green Bank Telescope. NRAO 20 Jul-92
Galactic/Cosmology 3C273. Dr. David Moore and Kerry Smith 2 Jun-92
Solar System The Solar Spectrum. Peter Taylor 3 Jun-92
Solar System Recording Solar Flares Indirectly. Peter Taylor 6 Jun-92
Electronics/Instrumentation VLA Update. Joe McCormick 16 Jun-92
Analytic Hot/Cold Calibration Containers. Jeff Lichtman 19 Jun-92
Outreach A Useful Radio Astronomy Observing Program for Amateurs. Bob Sickels 5 May-92
Electronics/Instrumentation HEPs, SIDs and Gamma Ray Bursts. Jeff Brown 7 May-92
Electronics/Instrumentation Bring Your 1.4GHz Radio Telescope to Green Bank. Jim Pitts 10 May-92
Electronics/Instrumentation Improving EME Antenna Temperature. Kent Britain 11 May-92
Solar System Missing Page from Jim Pitt's Jupiter Paper. Editor 2 MARCH - APRIL 1992
Stellar Nova Cygni. David Palmer 3 MARCH - APRIL 1992
Analytic An Analysis of a Radio Telescope with a Known Source. Paul Schuler III 4 MARCH - APRIL 1992
Solar System Radio Jupiter for Amateur Observers. Jim Pitts 2 Feb-92
Solar System Jupiter Antenna Plans. D. Babulski 10 Feb-92
Outreach DSP Newsletter. Rein Smit 11 Feb-92
Analytic Remote Temperature Monitoring for Radio Astronomy. Paul Schuler III 14 Feb-92
Outreach Deep Space Exploration Society. DSES 18 Feb-92
Electronics/Instrumentation Building a Sidereal Clock. Keith Malmedal 4 Jan-92
Analytic A Method of Determining Celestial Coordinates of a Radio Telescope Beam. Hal Braschwitz 12 Jan-92
Analytic Homebrew Solid State Noise Sources. Paul Wade and Steve Horsefield 15 Jan-92
Analytic Microwave Frequency Standard. Keith Erickson 18 Jan-92
Analytic Insights on Dish Gain Calculations. Melvin Graves 19 Jan-92
Analytic VLF Experimenters Newsletter. Various 20 Jan-92
Galactic/Cosmology 3C398. Chuck Forster 22 Jan-92
Analytic Unexpected Radio Telescope Observation. Dennis Baldridge 3 Dec-91
Electronics/Instrumentation OSCAR 23, a French Amateur Radio Telescope. P. Hamptaux and Joe Kasser 5 Dec-91
Galactic/Cosmology Virgo A Observation. Dennis Baldridge 10 Dec-91
Solar System INSPIRE. Russ Steele 12 Dec-91
Stellar Breakthrough Advances in SETI Technology. Louis Friedman 19 Dec-91
Stellar Unusual HEPs in Orion and Other Places. Jeff Lichtman 22 Dec-91
Electronics/Instrumentation Comments on Parabolic Dishes. Michael Wilkins 5 Nov-91
Solar System Jupiter by Satellite. Dick Schiller 6 Nov-91
Galactic/Cosmology Producing Sky Maps with a Radio Telescope. Dennis Baldridge 7 Nov-91
Electronics/Instrumentation A Low Cost UHF AM Receiver. R. Friday and J. Nader 19 Nov-91
Electronics/Instrumentation Profiling an Antenna Beam with the Sun. Paul Schuler III 2 Oct-91
Electronics/Instrumentation A SARA Receiver Project: Report 1. Ghee Fry and John Moon 7 Oct-91
Analytic Works Great Until You Put It in the Box. Kent Britain 2 Sep-91
Outreach SARA DSP Newsletter. Rein Smit 3 Sep-91
Electronics/Instrumentation Personal Computers in Radio Asttronomy. David Ormerod 6 Sep-91
Electronics/Instrumentation Home Built Chart Recorder. Vic McKeighan 17 Sep-91
Electronics/Instrumentation An Interferometer for UHF Frequencies. Paul Schuler III 19 Sep-91
Electronics/Instrumentation The Design and Calibration of a Noise Source. Paul W. Schuler III 6 Aug-91
Analytic SARA 1991 Data Recording Format. Chuck Forster 10 Aug-91
Solar System Dicke Switch Solar Scan. Paul W. Schuler III 15 Aug-91
Outreach SARA History/Farewell. J. M. Lichtman 1 JUNE - JULY 1991
Outreach Echoes from Green Bank. Michael E. Valdez 5 JUNE - JULY 1991
Analytic Interpolation of Strong Objects. R. Sickels 8 JUNE - JULY 1991
Outreach Research at the NRAO: Fact Sheet. NRAO 13 JUNE - JULY 1991
Galactic/Cosmology Galactic and Extragalactic Radio Frequency Energy: Fact Sheet. NRAO 14 JUNE - JULY 1991
Solar System Automatic Radio Meteor Observations. R. White 18 JUNE - JULY 1991
Stellar Report on SETI from the Vatican Observatory. Fr. Bill Lonc 2 May-91
Electronics/Instrumentation New NRAO Site Study. Jim McCormick 6 May-91
Electronics/Instrumentation Transporting the VLA Antennas. Jim McCormick 8 May-91
Outreach Letters on the DSP Forum. Rein Smit, et al 10 May-91
Analytic Waveguide Modification for 10GHz. NTMS 13 May-91
Electronics/Instrumentation Schmitt Trigger Circuit. Vince Caracci and A.C. Caggiano 14 May-91
Outreach 10th Anniversary Edition. SARA 1 Apr-91
Outreach Letter to SARA. Grote Reber 2 Mar-91
Galactic/Cosmology The Cosmic Background Explorer and Modern Cosmology. Jon Wallace 3 Mar-91
Electronics/Instrumentation A Programmable Attenuator for Radio Telescope Calibration. Paul Schuler III 7 Mar-91
Outreach News Notes from Microwaves and RF Magazine. Ron Schneiderman 11 Mar-91
Electronics/Instrumentation Low Noise Preamp for 23-24cm. M. Rousselet 12 Mar-91
Stellar Black Holes at the Galactic Center from Science Magazine. Jeff Lichtman 16 Mar-91
Electronics/Instrumentation The SARA Radio Astronomy Observatory. Dr. Valdez 4 Feb-91
Analytic Revised Data Recording Format. Chuck Forster 7 Feb-91
Analytic Doctor Data Logging Program. Chuck Forster 8 Feb-91
Analytic The Evolutionary Sequence of Low Frequency Radio Astronomy Missions. Dayton L. Jones,JPL 9 Feb-91
Electronics/Instrumentation Reber Antenna, National Historic Monument. R. Fleming, NRAO 2 Jan-91
Electronics/Instrumentation VLBI in the 1990s. K.I. Kellermann, NRAO 8 Jan-91
Stellar Interest in an Amateur SETI Program. Rein Smit 15 Jan-91
Solar System The Mars Declaration. Richardo Mavrovich 20 Jan-91
Outreach Amateur Radio Astronomy Can Be Exciting. Bob Sickels 9 Dec-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Massive Polar Mount. Tom Lageman 21 Dec-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Peltier Cooler. NASA Tech Briefs 23 Dec-90
Electronics/Instrumentation A $35 Stressed Cylindrical Parabolic Antenna. Jim Pitts 3 Nov-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Test Equipment and Troubleshooting. Jim Pitts 6 Nov-90
Galactic/Cosmology Cosmic Radio Sources for Amateur Radio Astronomers. Jim Pitts 11 Nov-90
Analytic How Strong Is It? Dr. Valdez 17 Nov-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Merry-Go-Round Antenna Mount. Jeff Lichtman 19 Nov-90
Stellar The Amateurs Place and SETI. Jeff Lichtman 2 Oct-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Astronomy and the OSU Telescope. E.E. Hartquist 5 Oct-90
Electronics/Instrumentation 1.4GHz Experimental Band Pass Filter. Jeff Lichtman 15 Oct-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Simple Focal Plane Set-Up. Jeff Lichtman 16 Oct-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Observatory of the Month. Dave Babulski 2 Sep-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Observations on the NRAO 40 Foot. Dennis Baldridge 6 Sep-90
Electronics/Instrumentation VHF and UHF Crystal Oscillators. RF Design Magazine 16 Sep-90
Electronics/Instrumentation A Simple Dual Mode Feed for 10GHz. NTMS 21 Sep-90
Analytic The Green Bank Survey. NRAO 5 Aug-90
Solar System Florida and Georgia to Study Jupiter. Jeff Lichtman 8 Aug-90
Galactic/Cosmology Observation of Virgo A. Dennis Baldridge 9 Aug-90
Outreach The Beginner Amateur. Dr. Valdez 10 Aug-90
Electronics/Instrumentation The Amateur Observatory. Harry Woodhouse 4 Jul-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Modular RF Systems Shorten Design-to-Product Time. Alan Victor 12 Jul-90
Electronics/Instrumentation How Much Do You Know About Antenna Technology? Microwave System News 14 Jul-90
Electronics/Instrumentation A Simple Dependable Elevation Indicator. EME Newsletter 7 Jun-90
Electronics/Instrumentation A Post-Processor Detector for SETI Work: Part 2 - A Software Solution. M.E, Valdez 9 Jun-90
Galactic/Cosmology 1.42GHz Map of M-17 and Associated Galactic Plane Region. Robert W. Stephens 4 May-90
Stellar A Post-Detector Processor for SETI Work: Part 1 - Preliminary Analyses. Michael E. Valdez 8 May-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Is There a Magic Dish Size? Chuck Forster 8 Apr-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Data Transfer in Amateur Radio Astronomy. Michael E. Valdez 11 Apr-90
Electronics/Instrumentation A Sidereal Time Base for Microprocessor Clock ICs. Paul W. Schuler III 6 Mar-90
Solar System Some Observations of the Sun. Chuck Forster 12 Mar-90
Electronics/Instrumentation 435MHz Total Power Radio Telescope. Jeff Lichtman 13 Mar-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Temperature Control for Radio Astronomy. Paul W. Schuler III 14 Mar-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Observations of the Sun: A 144MHz Interferometer. Giorgio Bressan 5 Feb-90
Stellar Extraterrestrial Eavesdropping. Terence Dickson 10 Feb-90
Stellar The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Ron Schneiderman 12 Feb-90
Outreach Book Review: "The Amateur Astronomer Handbook" - John Potter Shields. Jeff Lichtman 16 Feb-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Cable Connectors: A Review. Raul Alvarez 6 Jan-90
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Astronomy Receiver Laboratory Information. R.F. Bradley and J.A. Cercone 10 Jan-90
Analytic Some Strange Observations. Jeff Lichtman 15 Jan-90
Analytic Hard Chart. Eulif A. Robinson 5 Dec-89
Electronics/Instrumentation A-Frame for Supporting a Dish Antenna. Michael E. Valdez 11 Dec-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Chart Recording Timing System. Jeff Lichtman 15 Dec-89
Analytic Report: 1420MHz Observations. Bob Stephens 17 Dec-89
Analytic DIFACTS: Or How to Label Your Chart Recordings. John A. Kennewell 3 Nov-89
Outreach A Visit to Kitt Peak and VLA. Bill Black 9 Nov-89
Solar System Observing Satellites: Part II. H.P. White 7 Oct-89
Electronics/Instrumentation DC Receiver and Antenna Position Indicator (Continuation). Chuck Forster 11 Oct-89
Electronics/Instrumentation DC Receiver and Antenna Position Indicator. Chuck Forster 6 Sep-89
Electronics/Instrumentation World Class Amateur Radio Telescope Used by SARA Members. Chuck Forster 6 Aug-89
Analytic Radio Astronomy Data Transfer. Chuck Forster 8 Aug-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Computer Data Logging. Chuck Forster 9 Aug-89
Electronics/Instrumentation A Post-Detection Processor for Total Power Receivers. James C. Carroll 11 Aug-89
  No Articles. Jul-89
Galactic/Cosmology CYGNUS (526MHz). Christian Monstein. 3 Jun-89
Solar System Observing Satellites: Part I. H. P. White 5 Jun-89
Outreach New Visions for SARA Library. Jim Pitts 8 Jun-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Star Calculator. The Radio Observer 12 Jun-89
Galactic/Cosmology What's Up? - Virgo A. The Radio Observer 15 Jun-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Construction Article: File Cabinet Equipment Rack. Editor 17 Jun-89
Outreach Suggestions for Cooperation/Communications of SARA Members. J. Alexander Jnr. 3 May-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Low Noise VHF and L-Band GaAs FET Amplifiers. Al Ward (RF Design) 5 May-89
Analytic Signal Processing by Multiplication. W.P. Lonc 12 May-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Promotion of 10 Meters for SARANET. J.Alexander Jnr. 2 Apr-89
Solar System 1988 Ursids. Bill Black 4 Apr-89
Solar System 1989 Quantrids. Bill Black 6 Apr-89
Analytic Applying Technology. Scott Tillman 8 Apr-89
Electronics/Instrumentation GEMINI: A Computer Interface for Two Telescopes. Dr. Michael Valdez 10 Apr-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Book Review: "Instrumentation and Techniques for Radio Astronomy" Dr. Michael Valdez 18 Apr-89
Outreach A Philosophical Look at the Amateur Scientist. R.M. Sickels 4 Mar-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Application Notes for Thermoelectric Devices. Mel Levine 6 Mar-89
Outreach A Visit to Jodrell Bank. Peter Holtham 13 Mar-89
Outreach A New Location for the SARA Symposium? Robert W. Stephens 19 Mar-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Detectors. R.S. Flagg 22 Mar-89
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Starfinder. Richard Peterson 26 Mar-89
Outreach Ask Aunt Sarah: A Comment. Dr. Michael Valdez 29 Mar-89
Solar System Violent Storms on the Sun. Lee Dye 2 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1989
Outreach A Bright Future for Amateur Radio Astronomy. R. Sickels 4 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1989
Electronics/Instrumentation A Cheap Scanner as a Radio Astronomy Tool. Dr. Michael Valdez 6 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1989
Outreach Grote Reber: Founder of Radio Astronomy. Dr. John D. Kraus 12 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1989
Outreach AMSAT Space Education Network. K.O. Learner II 14 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 1989
Outreach NRAO Tragedy. Associated Press 2 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1988
Solar System A Solar Observation. J. Stewart 4 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1988
Solar System Observing Meterors by Radio Astronomy. J. Stewart 6 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1988
Solar System Observation of Ionized Meteor Trails by Passive Means. Gene Greneker 10 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1988
Analytic Square Law Detection of Radio Astronomy Signals. R.M. Sickels 12 NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 1988
Galactic/Cosmology Simultaneous Observations of the Galactic Center Region. G. Greneker and T. Cockran 4 Oct-88
Outreach Ask Aunt Sarah! Dr. Michael Valdez 11 Oct-88
Outreach What's New in the Midwest? Chuck Forster 13 Oct-88
Outreach Book Review:"Serendipitous Discoveries in Radio Astronomy" – NRAO. Jim Pitts 17 Oct-88
Stellar The SETI Review. Gene Greneker 4 Sep-88
Analytic Software Implementation of Detection Algorithms for the MSCA .D. Kent Cullers 5 Sep-88
Electronics/Instrumentation A Computer Controlled Multi Channel Radio Astronomy Receiver. R.J. Alvarez 11 Sep-88
Outreach Online Astronomy: Prologue. Russell Steele 20 Sep-88
Outreach Online Astronomy. Carolyn Collins Peterson 21 Sep-88
Electronics/Instrumentation SERENDIP II. Gene Greneker 4 Aug-88
Electronics/Instrumentation 4GHz 28m Interferometer. W.P. Lonc 16 Aug-88
Solar System The Sun This Month. J. Stewart 19 Aug-88
Electronics/Instrumentation 44 Foot Antenna System. Lester T. Cockram 22 Aug-88
Electronics/Instrumentation Multiple-Feed SETI Antenna. NASA Tech Brief 3 Jul-88
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Astronomy Projects for the Amateur. Jim D. Stewart 4 Jul-88
Electronics/Instrumentation 4GHz TVRO Telescope: Preliminary Results. W.P. Lonc 18 Jul-88
Outreach Getting Started in Amateur Radio Astronomy. R.M. Sickels 2 Jun-88
Electronics/Instrumentation A Simple Spectrum Analyzer. Albert Heflick 13 Jun-88
Outreach Fiddlers Corner. Gregory Roberts 16 Jun-88
Stellar Drakes Equation. Jim Brown 22 Jun-88
Solar System A Radio Review of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Bill Black 23 Jun-88
Analytic Mysterious Object. Jeff Lichtman, et al 31 Jun-88
Electronics/Instrumentation The SERENDIP II Design. J. Tartar and S. Bowyer 5 May-88
Electronics/Instrumentation UHF Radio Telescope. James Graham 9 May-88
Electronics/Instrumentation The Pulmbers Parabolic Mount. R. Alvarez Sr/Jr 14 May-88
Stellar Wallingford Man Listens to the Stars: Paul Schuler. Kevin Sylvester 19 May-88
Electronics/Instrumentation Corner Reflector Antenna. Editor 21 May-88
Electronics/Instrumentation 1296MHz GaASFET Amplifier. A.J. Ward 22 May-88
Outreach NRAO Comments. Russ Steele 23 May-88
Outreach Radio Astronomy from Sweden. Arpad Cserkuti 25 May-88
Electronics/Instrumentation 100MHz to 2.5GHz Amplifier. David Tharp 4 Apr-88
Stellar The OSU SETI Program. Dr. Robert Dixon 6 Apr-88
Outreach The National Amateur Radio Astronomy Observatory. Dr. Michael Valdez 16 Apr-88
Galactic/Cosmology Book Review: "Quantum Universe" - T. Hoy and P. Walters. Rus Steele 20 Apr-88
Electronics/Instrumentation Custer Institute Radio Telescope System. Paul Schuler III 22 Apr-88
Electronics/Instrumentation Variable (HP) Gain Amplifier. Editor 30 Apr-88
Solar System Solar Radio Astronomy. Dr. P. Aubry 3 Mar-88
Outreach A Trip to Hat Creek. Russell Steele 26 Mar-88
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Telescope Data Collection Computer. Paul Schuler III 3 Feb-88
Electronics/Instrumentation 230GHz French Radio Telescope. Editor 4 Feb-88
Stellar SS433. Editor 5 Feb-88
Analytic Sensitivity of a Radio Telescope. Ken Tapping 6 Feb-88
Electronics/Instrumentation 300 Foot Antenna (NRAO) Historical Events. Editor 10 Feb-88
Electronics/Instrumentation The Very Large Array. Ken McCormack 4 Jan-88
Electronics/Instrumentation A Day with a Dish. Jeff Lichtman 7 Jan-88
Electronics/Instrumentation Some Thought on the Sidereal Timepiece. Don Morar 3 Dec-87
Solar System NBS Time Via Satellites. NBS 8 Dec-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Extract Stable Clock Pulses from AM Broadcast Carriers. Andre Kesteloot, N4ICK 16 Dec-87
Solar System Meteor Showers and Some Basic Astronomy. Gregory Roberts, ZS1BI 5 Nov-87
Analytic The Benefits of Phase Switching. W.P. Lonc, VE1SMU 10 Nov-87
Analytic Signal Processing Techniques for Separating Meteor Echoes from Those of Aircraft. Gene Greneker 12 Nov-87
Electronics/Instrumentation The Second Detector - Crystal or Vacuum Tube? W.P. Lonc, VE1SMU 5 Oct-87
Analytic Some Thoughts on the Celestial Sphere - Part 2. Don Morar 8 Oct-87
Analytic Book Review: "VHF Communications" - Quarterly Publication. R.J. Alvarez 18 Oct-87
Electronics/Instrumentation A Low Noise - High Gain - AC Coupled - Dual Preamplifier. Don Morar 6 Sep-87
Outreach A Photo Essay of NRAO - Green Bank. R.J. Alvarez 10 Sep-87
Analytic Some Thoughts on the Celestial Sphere - Part 1. Don Morar 12 Sep-87
Stellar The First Pulsar. Bob Sickels 4 Aug-87
Electronics/Instrumentation A Servo Antenna Position Indicator: 1987 Conference Paper. Chuck Forster 5 Aug-87
Electronics/Instrumentation A Remote A/D Converter and RS232 Transmitter: 1987 Conference Paper. Dr. Michael E. Valdez 11 Aug-87
Electronics/Instrumentation An Improved Self-Compensating Radio Astronomy Detector. W.P. Lonc 15 Aug-87
Solar System Solar Disturbances at 265 and 435MHz. W.P. Lonc 16 Aug-87
Analytic HEP Alert at 1420MHz. Jeff Lichtman 18 Aug-87
Stellar Cable Interference and SETI. Dr. Michael Valdez 6 Jul-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Practical Radio Observations with Limited Aperture. Bob Sickels 16 Jul-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Block Diagram of a Sophisticated 4GHz TVRO Conversion Receiver. Gerry Rolle 21 Jul-87
Outreach Invitation for Resumption of 19:20, -25 SARA Observations. Bob Sickels 22 Jul-87
Electronics/Instrumentation An Approach to Microstripline Designs. SARALAB 5 Jun-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Useful Products. SARALAB 8 Jun-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Circuitry for Dicke Noise Cancelling. Radio Astronomy Handbook 9 Jun-87
Electronics/Instrumentation 1420MHz Scans with the Patterson Program. Jeff Lichtman 11 Jun-87
Galactic/Cosmology A Study of Virgo A. R.M. Sickels 12 Jun-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Design Considerations for Microwave Chokes. Avantek 14 Jun-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Typical Data Sheet for the 99 Cent Modamps. Avantek 18 Jun-87
Electronics/Instrumentation A Stable UHF Signal Generator. Don Morar 5 May-87
Outreach Thoughts on Six Years of SARA Progress. R.M. Sickels 12 May-87
Outreach Reviews of "Amateur Radio Astronomer's Handbook" - J.P. Shields. Hatfield 16, Latham 17 May-87
Analytic An Abbreviated Strong Radio Source List. Robert Gray 18 May-87
Stellar A SARA Member's SETI Receiver. James Brown 21 May-87
Analytic A Fidelity Data Recording Technique. James Carroll 5 Apr-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Simple Data Storage and Retrieval with a Cassette Recorder. SARALAB 9 Apr-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Three for the Money: A Radiometer Construction Article. Bill Black 11 Apr-87
Solar System Computer Graphic Representation of the 1986 Solar Noise. Christian Monstein 21 Apr-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Products of Interest to Radiometer Builders. SARALAB 22 Apr-87
Galactic/Cosmology The Most Remote Astronomical Object Ever Seen. S. Warren and P. Hewitt 23 Apr-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Put a TIMEX Computer to Work in Your Observatory. Don Morar 6 Mar-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Test Your Practical Antenna Knowledge. R.M. Sickels 5 Mar-87
Analytic A Spectrometer Survey of Low Latitude Neutral in the constellation Cygnus. Robert W. Stephens 8 Mar-87
Electronics/Instrumentation A Handshaking Circuit for the C64 and the Patterson Strip Chart Computer Program. SARALAB 18 Mar-87
Analytic Minimal Documentation Standards for Journal Publication. Editor 22 Mar-87
Outreach Candid Comments About Amateur Radio Astronomers' Potential. W.T. Sullivan. 5 Feb-87
Solar System Strip Chart of the October Partial Solar Eclipse. Steve Hansen 10 Feb-87
Outreach SARA to Get National Recognition. R. Patterson 11 Feb-87
Analytic A Useful Table for Receiver Calculations in the Unused TV Bands. R.M. Sickels 12 Feb-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Inexpensive A/D Converter for R.A. Signal Monitoring to the VIC20 or C64 Computers. SARALAB 15 Feb-87
Stellar Preliminary Orion Observations at 4HGz. G. Rolle 18 Feb-87
Analytic A Station Analysis Computer Program. Dr. M. Valdez 20 Feb-87
Stellar Book Review: "The Quest for SS433" - David H. Clark. Russ Steele 5 Jan-87
Electronics/Instrumentation Technical Notes on 99 Cent Low Noise Modular Amps. Mini-Circuits 6 Jan-87
Electronics/Instrumentation The MACSAT Satellite Tracking Program. Richard B. Langley 8 Jan-87
Analytic Professional Level Hydrogen Spectral Line Observations at Hay River. Bob Stephens 12 Jan-87
Outreach A Recommended Supplemental SARA Reading List. R. Patterson 14 Jan-87
Outreach SARA Needs Growth. R. Patterson 15 Jan-87
Solar System Solar Temperature at 6GHz: An Amateur Radio Astronomy Project. N.H. Chan and W.P. Lonc 16 Jan-87
Electronics/Instrumentation NRAO Style D.C. Amplifier with Free SARALAB CA3140 Chip Set. SARALAB 21 Jan-87
Galactic/Cosmology Fine Structure Study of Cygnus at 435MHz. Colin Clements 23 Jan-87
Analytic Observations at 4GHz. Gerry Rolle 6 Dec-86
Electronics/Instrumentation The Design of Radio Telescopes. Michael E. Valdez 14 Dec-86
Electronics/Instrumentation The Very Large Array Radio Telescope. Joe Slattery 20 Dec-86
Analytic Some More Thoughts on KTB. Don Morar 6 Nov-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Two Antenna Interferometer at 680MHz. Bob Sickels 12 Nov-86
Analytic Receiving System Noise Temperature. Dick Flagg 15 Nov-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Digital Filters. M.E. Valdez 20 Nov-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Noise reduction in Radiometers. R.M. Sickels 5 Oct-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Two Watt Oven Instrument Temperature Control. R.M. Sickels 12 Oct-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Getting the Last 1/10dB Out of a Stressed 4m Dish. R.M. Sickels 14 Oct-86
Electronics/Instrumentation The Yaesu FRG-9600 - Part 2. Dick Flagg 7 Sep-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Tips For Low Noise Equipment. SARALAB 11 Sep-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Convert Computer/Printer to a Strip Recorder. Robert Patterson 13 Sep-86
Galactic/Cosmology Hydrigen Spectral Line Observations at Hay River Radio Observatory. Bob Stephens 14 Sep-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Proposal for a National Amateur Radio Observatory. Robert Patterson 17 Sep-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Maximize Aperture, Minimize Cost. SARALAB 19 Sep-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Computer for Radio Astronomy - 1986 Conference Paper. Dr. Michael Valdez 4 Aug-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Inexpensive Temperature Control. R.M. Sickels 12 Aug-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Adaptation of the $15 A/D Converter to the Commodore 64. SARALAB 14 Aug-86
Galactic/Cosmology 3C298: The First Radio Quasar from IRO. Frank Roy 16 Aug-86
Outreach Radio Source Program. Bob Patterson 18 Aug-86
Analytic Radio Source List with Flux Readings at Four Frequencies. R.M. Sickels 19 Aug-86
Galactic/Cosmology Dual Imaging of a Quasar by an Immense Black Hole. Gott and Turner 5 Jul-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Brand New Radio Astronomy Antenna Design Concept. Dr. Robert Dixon 5 Jul-86
Outreach SARA Member a Space Shuttle Package Approved to Fly. Editor 6 Jul-86
Outreach Jay Alexander Wins Navy Science Competition. Editor 7 Jul-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Power Conveyed by UV Light to Instrumentation. Editor 7 Jul-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Radio Astronomical Observatory. Dr. Michael Valdez 8 Jul-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Non-Professional VLBI. Clements and Rawe 16 Jul-86
Galactic/Cosmology Negative Report on Galaxy Center HEPs. R.M. Sickels 21 Jul-86
Electronics/Instrumentation An Inexpensive 2M Receiver. Editor 6 Jun-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A $15 A/D Converter for Commodore PET, VIC20 or 64. Editor 7 Jun-86
Outreach Basic Astronomy for Radio Astronomy Newcomers. Editor 13 Jun-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A SARALAB Hands On Experience with the A/D Converter. Editor 16 Jun-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Build Your Own Transistor/Crystal Checker. Don Morar 17 Jun-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Declination Circle Template. Editor 20 Jun-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Coaxial Line Notch Filter to Dump Unwanted Interference. Editor 22 Jun-86
Electronics/Instrumentation SARALAB Test on High Gain DC Amps Employing the 741 Op Amp. Editor 23 Jun-86
Stellar Neutral Hydrogen Emission Detected from Orion with a 1.5 sq.ft. Horn. Bob Stephens 4 May-86
Galactic/Cosmology Strange Emissions from Cygnus X. Editor 5 May-86
Stellar Possible Variable Radio Sources in Stellar Incubator Gas Jets. Editor 6 May-86
Electronics/Instrumentation New Modular Amps Make UHF Design Easy. Editor 8 May-86
Solar System Variable Jets Streaming from Comet Halley. Editor 9 May-86
Galactic/Cosmology A Universe Absolute Standard of Rest. Editor 9 May-86
Galactic/Cosmology Rotation of Galaxy Aspects by Computer. Editor 9 May-86
Solar System Another Photo of Uranus' Strange Moon – Miranda. Editor 10 May-86
Electronics/Instrumentation SARA Sparks Its First Patent. Cornell Drentea 10 May-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Directional Antenna for 21MHz. Editor 11 May-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Single Chip Analog-to-Digital Interface to the VIC20. Cornell Drentea 12 May-86
Galactic/Cosmology Book Review: "Einstein's Universe" - Nigel Calder. Bob Sickels 20 May-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Some Thoughts on the Use of the Yaesu FRG-9600 Scanner Receiver for Radio Astronomy Observations. Dick Flagg 5 Apr-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Information on a Front End Conversion of the Yaesu FRG-9600. Ernie Guerrl 8 Apr-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Complete Block Diagram of the FRG-9600. Editor 9 Apr-86
Stellar SETI Work with a Simple Gravity Wave Detector. Greg Hodowanec 10 Apr-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Very Low Frequency Radio Converter for Indirect Solar Flare Monitoring. Don Morar 12 Apr-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Useful Harmonic Rich Signal Generator for Telescope Frequency Calibration. Editor 14 Apr-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Useful and Economic Impedance Bridge for Lab. Measurement. Don Morar 18 Apr-86
Outreach Book Review: "Radio Astronomy - 2nd Edition" - Dr. John D. Kraus. Bob Sickels 23 Apr-86
Galactic/Cosmology Up to Date Sky Radio Source Map. Dr. Kraus 12 Mar-86
Stellar Starbase. Robert Patterson 14 Mar-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Three More UHF Amps Out to 1420MHz. Kent Britain, WA5VJB 16 Mar-86
Electronics/Instrumentation A Slow Ramp Sweeper for Scanning with a Varactor Tuner. Don Morar, W3QVZ 19 Mar-86
Galactic/Cosmology Detection of Neutral Hydrogen in Emission. Bob Stephens 6 Feb-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Four Element Yagi for 2M Astronomy. Jim Stewart 16 Feb-86
Electronics/Instrumentation Easy and Safe Way to Check GaAsFETs. Kent Britain 18 Feb-86
Electronics/Instrumentation High Stability Local Oscillators. Cornell Drentea 6 Jan-86
Electronics/Instrumentation An Update on the Experimental Fresnel Lens Antenna. Jack Paden 12 Jan-86
Stellar Improvements to SETI Installation. Bob Stephens 14 Jan-86
Outreach Getting Started in Amateur Radio Astronomy. Bob Sickels 18 Jan-86
Solar System The Radio Sun During Times of Solar Minimum. Dick Flagg 8 Dec-85
Electronics/Instrumentation The McWilliams Magnetometer. Casper Hosfield 15 Dec-85
Electronics/Instrumentation High Stability Local Oscillators. Cornell Drentea 20 Dec-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Two Efficient Antenna Feeds. Colin Clements 6 Dec-85
Galactic/Cosmology The Radio Sky Observed from Widely Separated Locations. Clements and Lichtman 5 Nov-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Operational Amplifiers: Theory, Applications, Limitations, Terminology & Sourcing. SARALAB 6 Nov-85
Analytic Noise Figure. Dick Flagg 8 Nov-85
Electronics/Instrumentation UHF Signal Generator for Antenna and Receiver Field Testing. SARALAB 12 Nov-85
Galactic/Cosmology Gravity Wave Detection. G. Hodowanac 14 Nov-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Radio Telescopes - 2nd Edition - W.N. Christiansen. Robert Culbertson 16 Nov-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Modification of the UHF Tuner to an LNA. Gerry Rolle 18 Nov-85
Analytic Thermal Noise. Dick Flagg 7 Oct-85
Electronics/Instrumentation The Horn. Editor 10 Oct-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Antenna Temperature. Dick Flagg 15 Oct-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Gravity Wave Detector. Gregory Hodowanec 18 Oct-85
Electronics/Instrumentation An Experimental Fresnel Lens Antenna. Editor 19 Oct-85
Electronics/Instrumentation An Efficient L-Band, S-Band Antenna Feed. Bob Stephens 11 Sep-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Synchronous Detector for a Comparison Radiometer. NRAO 12 Sep-85
Electronics/Instrumentation 1-2GHz Waterhole Low Noise Amplifier. NRAO 14 Sep-85
Electronics/Instrumentation A Bi-Phase Op Amp Dicke Switch Driver. R.M. Sickels 16 Sep-85
Electronics/Instrumentation High Gain IF Amplifier for Radio Astronomy. Editor 5 Aug-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Economical WWV Time Signal Receiver. Editor 8 Aug-85
Electronics/Instrumentation A 15 Foot Dish Antenna for Less Than $100. SARALAB 10 Aug-85
Electronics/Instrumentation A 12 Foot Stressed Dish of Economical Construction. R.M. Sickels 11 Aug-85
Electronics/Instrumentation A Low Noise 1420MHz LNA. Kent Britain 12 Jul-85
Analytic A Useful Computer Program. Dick Flagg 15 Jul-85
Solar System Soviet Study of a Harsh Planet. Editor 18 Jul-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Book Review: "The Jodrell Bank Telescopes" - Sir Bernard Lowell. Bob Culbertson 20 Jul-85
Galactic/Cosmology Book Review: "Violent Phenomena in the Universe" - Jayant V. Narlikar. Bob Culbertson 20 Jul-85
Outreach Radio Astronomy Observations from South Africa. Allen Kelly 21 Jul-85
Outreach Notes of Things Learned During Trip to NRAO. Editor 13 Jun-85
Analytic Two Useful Radio Astronomy Tables. Editor 17 Jun-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Product Review: Specifications and Sourcing for Strip Chart Recorders. Editor 18 Jun-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Two Inexpensive Temperature Controls for Solid-State Amplifiers. SARALAB 20 Jun-85
Electronics/Instrumentation An Improved Solar Flare Detector. SARALAB 22 Jun-85
Galactic/Cosmology High Energy Pulses from Gamma Bursters. Editor 6 May-85
Solar System List of Satellites Radiating Signals - With Coordinates. David Barstow 9 May-85
Analytic Signal Processing with a Phase Lock Loop. Gerry Rolle 10 May-85
Galactic/Cosmology Negative Report on HEPs from the Galaxy Center. SARALAB 14 May-85
Stellar Supernova Studied in Detail and Radio Observation Program. Editor 17 May-85
Analytic Reduction of Radio Astronomy Data and Antenna Positioning. Editor 18 May-85
Electronics/Instrumentation UHF Feed Design. Editor 4 Apr-85
Analytic An Unusual 640MHz Detection. SARALAB 5 Apr-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Receiver Construction Recommendation. SARALAB 5 Apr-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Fail Safe Power Supply Back-up. SARALAB 7 Apr-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Understanding Microcomputers III. Bob Sickels 9 Apr-85
Outreach Some Basic Astronomy Concepts. John D. Kraus 21 Apr-85
Electronics/Instrumentation A Receiver Temperature Stabilization Method. Dr. Michael Valdez 22 Apr-85
Outreach Annual Review of Astronomy and Physics - Edited: Geoffrey Burbridge. David Rawe 11 Mar-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Horn Antenna for 435MHz - Garbage Bin. Robert Culbertson 12 Mar-85
Galactic/Cosmology Some Possible High Energy Pulse Radio Sources. David Rawe 13 Mar-85
Galactic/Cosmology Discovery of New Variable Radio Sources in the Nucleus of M82. P. Kronberg and R. Sramek 15 Mar-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Understanding Computers II. R.M. Sickels 18 Mar-85
Electronics/Instrumentation 2M UHF Preamplifier. Kent Britain 6 Feb-85
Electronics/Instrumentation A Microwave Radio Telescope. R. Lichtman 9 Feb-85
Electronics/Instrumentation A Wideband RF Amplifier. Duke and Lichtman 13 Feb-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Understanding Computers I. R.M. Sickels 16 Feb-85
Solar System Australian Experiment Planned for Halleys Comet. Editor 6 Jan-85
Outreach Assistance to New Radio Astronomy Observers. R.M. Sickels 8 Jan-85
Analytic Two BASIC Computer Programs Useful for Integration. Editor 11 Jan-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Details of the Very Large Array. R.M. Hjellming and R.C. Bignell 14 Jan-85
Electronics/Instrumentation Simple Noise Level Digitizer. Don J Latham 22 Jan-85
  Book Review: "Understanding FORTH" - Joseph Teymann. Tom Martin 4 Dec-84
Electronics/Instrumentation Strip Charts of High Energy Pulses. Colin Clements 5 Dec-84
Analytic Thoughts on the SARA Database. David Rawe 7 Dec-84
Electronics/Instrumentation Color Isophotes with the Commodore 64. David Rawe 11 Dec-84
Electronics/Instrumentation State of the Art UHF Receiver Assembled from Available Modules. R.M. Sickels 12 Dec-84
Electronics/Instrumentation An Inexpensive Tone Generator for Frequency Response Calibration of Tape Recorders. Michael Valdez 14 Dec-84
Stellar The Search for Intelligent Life. R.M. Sickels 17 Dec-84
Analytic Sky Noise Diagram. Dr. Kraus 20 Dec-84
Outreach Book Reviews: "Radio Astronomy Handbook" - R.M. Sickels. Greneker and Martin 21 Dec-84
Galactic/Cosmology Determining the Origin of the High Energy Pulse. Gene Greneker 4 Nov-84
Analytic Digital Recording of Radio Astronomical Data. Dr. Michael Valdez 13 Nov-84
Stellar Some Thoughts on SETI Research. Paul A. Gilster 15 Nov-84
Electronics/Instrumentation Description of the TRF Receiver. James C. Carroll 18 Nov-84
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