2014 Conference Proceedings on USB FLASH DRIVE

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Table of Contents



  • Schedule
  • Microwave Antenna Demonstrations Based on the IEEE Presentation  By John Kraus –Jon Wallace
  • Radio Astronomy with RASDR21- D.  Fields, P. Oxley, B. Vacaliuc, C. Lyster, S. Kurtz, Z. Tamosevicius and S. Berl
  • RASDRviewer RASDR2 Control and Analysis Software- Paul Oxley, David Fields, Stan Kurtz
  • Measuring VLF Field Strengths- Tom Hagen
  • SETI's New Horizons- H. Paul Shuch
  • 12.7 GHZ RADIO TELESCOPE- Curt Kinghorn
  • SID Monitoring using Raspberry Pi- Ciprian Sufitchi
  • An Off-The-Shelf 611 MHz Total Power Telescope – Ken Redcap, Tom Hagen, Ed Hendry 
  • The Role of Mass Produced Gregorian Offset Antennas and Feeds on the Future of Radio Astronomy development- Mohammed Q. Hassan