Using the SARA Logo

Using the SARA Logo The symbol shown in the upper left-hand corner of this and every page on the SARA website represents the official logo of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers. Members in good standing of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers, including affiliate societies, are encouraged to display the official SARA logo in their personal correspondence, and in electronic media such as (but not limited to) personal and organizational World Wide Web pages. We request that logos displayed on the Web be linked back to the official SARA website at For the convenience of our members, the Graphical Image Format (GIF) file seen at the upper left corner of this (and all other) SARA Web pages is available to download, from This image is 180 pixels square, and the GIF file runs 18 kiloBytes. To capture it from Netscape, for example, click on the above hot-link. Then from the "File" pulldown at the top of the screen, select "save as". Now type the path to which you want the image saved on your own hard drive, followed by the file name "saralogo.gif." Some browsers and operating systems, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, will also allow you to download an image by pointing at it and clicking with the right mouse button. Here is a fragment of HTML code that will allow SARA members in good standing to dispaly this GIF on their personal Web pages, and link it back to the official SARA website: <a href=""> <img src="saralogo.gif" border=0 alt="Click on logo to visit SARA website" title="Click on logo to visit SARA website" width=180 height=180></a> Please note that the SARA logo is provided as a transparent GIF, which may not display clearly against some background colors. If it does not render well on your website, you may wish to use a graphics editing program to disable background transparency.