Where can I get it?

RASDR2 is not in production.  Eight units were constructed and tested using RASDR software, and radio astronomy applications by SARA members were documented in the SARA Journal.  Citations are available.     RASDR2 Software and a User's Manual are available for download

RASDR4 hardware is available as a single-board SDR based on the LimeSDR.  Operation is from 20-3800MHz, with dual receivers, 12 MHz bandwidth and based on a LMS7002M chip single-board LimeSDR, price $289.  Key to successful operation of RASDR4 is avoiding overheating.  For Radio Astronomy applications,  RASDR4 should always be used with a good preamplifier.  In an rf-noisy environment, a pre-filter may be useful.

RASDR4 may be operated in the RASDR mode (wide-bandwidth, Windows-compatible, documented SDR for Radio Astronomy). It is also served by several Linux applications.  SARA members initially designed and marketed a case and fan kits, but now several designs are available on the open market.    Current software and more information are available from the links, from articles in SARA Journal or the Proceedings of our meetings.

You're also invited to join the RASDR User Group