Collaboration of Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers and Stanford Solar Center


*  Stanford provides data hosting, database programming, and maintains the SuperSID website

*  Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) sells the SuperSID monitors for 48 USD to amateur radio astronomers and the funds are then used to support free distribution to students all over the world (image below as of Fall 2017)


*  Keith Payea at SARA is responsible for building and shipping the SuperSID monitor kits:

*  SuperSID kits may be ordered through the SARA SuperSID webpage:


*  Questions about the SuperSID project may be directed to Steve Berl at Stanford:


*  Jaap Akkerhuis at Stanford is responsible for the SuperSID software and SARA has provided financial support for his efforts


*  SuperSID website hosted by Stanford:

*  SuperSID database:  


*  The data is searchable by time, station, date, and multiple plots may be placed on the same graph for comparison


*  Support also is provided through the Yahoo SuperSID group: