The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) Mission Statement

It shall be the Mission of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) to:

•Facilitate the flow of information pertinent to the field of Radio Astronomy among our members.

•Promote members to mentor newcomers to our hobby,and share the excitement of radio astronomy with other interested persons and organizations.

•Promote individual and multi station observing programs.

•Encourage programs that enhance the technical abilities of our members to monitor cosmic radio signals, as well as to share and analyze such signals.

•Encourage educational programs within SARA and also educational outreach initiatives thru student and teacher grants for radio astronomy projects.

•The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers, Inc. is a membership supported, non-profit [501(c) (3)], educational and scientific corporation.

What is The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA)?

The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) is an international society of dedicated enthusiasts who teach, learn, trade technical information, and do their own observations of the radio sky.

This organization is a scientific, non-profit group founded for the sole purpose of supporting amateur radio astronomy. SARA was organized in 1981, and today has hundreds of members worldwide.

The group consists of optical astronomers, ham radio operators, engineers, teachers and non-technical persons. Many of our members are new to the field, and membership is extended to all who have an interest in radio astronomy.

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